12 Apostles Hotel & Spa

Victoria Road, Camps Bay, Cape Town 8005, South Africa
4 reviews

If you want to enjoy Cape Town without staying in the center of the city, the 12 Apostles Hotel is the perfect alternative. This old farmhouse, which has been extensively enlarged, has a remote location outside of Camps Bay. The hotel has classically styled rooms, two outdoor pools, a spa, two restaurants, and a perfect spot for sundowners. And their ...

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  • 1
    3.08 mi

    Table Mountain

    3.08 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    66 reviews

    The symbol of Cape Town, Africa's 'Mother City', the 1000-meter plateau of Table Mountain looms over CT like a prehistoric giant, and the sight of clouds spilling off its flat peak in the twilight, high above the city, might just be the thing that makes you fall in love with Cape Town. With a nifty cable-car offering fabulous views out ...

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  • 2
    4.15 mi

    Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

    4.15 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    22 reviews

    Love this spot. Great concerts in season. Good spot of friends getting together or family outings.

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  • 3
    2.88 mi

    Camps Bay Beach

    2.88 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    22 reviews

    Beautiful beach in affluent suburb of Cape Town. Definitely the high rent district. Not too crowded in July but apparently mad in the high season. Told you can dive there offshore.

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  • 4
    4.35 mi

    Clifton Beaches

    4.35 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    10 reviews

    Some of the softest, whitest sand you will ever feel/see! Clifton 4th can be a bit poser-ish but they get quieter the further along you go. Clifton 1st is gorgeous.

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  • 5
    2.41 mi

    World of Birds

    2.41 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    5 reviews

    Fantastic place to spend a day!

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  • 6
    2.04 mi


    2.04 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    5 reviews

    Great spot for surfing and chilling

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  • 7
    4.77 mi

    Groot Constantia

    4.77 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    4 reviews

    1 hour drive fro cape town, this wine estate is a very nice place where you can taste wine. there is a nice restaurant

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  • 8
    3.18 mi

    Sandy Bay

    3.18 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    5 reviews

    Very sandy!!!!!!!!!

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  • 9
    3.78 mi

    Top of Lions Head

    3.78 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    2 reviews

    Very nice easy hike up and down. Head up just before sunset with a pick-nick to relax and enjoy the view. Don't forget a torch or the way back down can be tricky!

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  • 10
    2.91 mi

    Hout Bay Harbour, Cape Town

    2.91 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    2 reviews

    Upscale suburb with beautiful beach and some difficulties with the shantytowns cropping up nearby.

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  • 11
    2.74 mi

    Le Marais Guest House

    2.74 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    1 review

    i want to bring all my parentes with me my sisters and my father

  • 12
    4.7 mi

    Sea Point Pavillion

    4.7 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    1 review

    A small park with three swimming pools plus a diving pool and its location at the ocean's edge make this an attractive cooling off place. There is a small admission fee.

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  • 13
    2.55 mi

    The Leopard Bar

    2.55 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    1 review

    One of Cape Town's best locations for sundowners is just outside of Camps Bay. The Leopard Bar at the 12 Apostles Hotel has a balcony with unobstructed views of the water and the setting sun. Order a cocktail or a glass of wine and enjoy nibbles as the sun starts to set.

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  • 14
    4.37 mi

    Queens Beach

    4.37 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    1 review

    On one side a dog friendly beach. On the other side a great spot to watch the sunset.

  • 15
    4.76 mi

    Hong Kong

    4.76 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    1 review

    Hong Kong is a place where many and anything is possible, you can actually see the place growing infront of you. The economic climate is vibrant and healthy. Easy to do business and many eager consumers looking for the next hot thing on the market. Great place for family or just for someone looking for a different taste in culture ...

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  • 16
    4.88 mi

    Castle of Good Hope

    4.88 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    1 review

    The Castle of Good Hope was built in the 17th century along the waterfront. It's a fort, not a castle, and it's no longer along the waterfront. A small museum explains the history of Cape Town.

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  • 17
    5.11 mi

    Table Mountain Cableway

    5.11 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    39 reviews

    The cable car rotates while climbing so everyone has a chance to get a 360 degree view. I think it makes sense to take the cable car to the top and then spend the time and energy exploring the top rather than hiking to the top and then being too tired (at least for some of us) to explore the ...

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  • 18
    15.52 mi

    Boulders Beach

    15.52 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    40 reviews

    Great place to visit, hang out on the beach with the penguins. Spot of a advice here. Most tourists will actually end up in an area where you cannot get among them. If you find yourself next to a new looking tourist information building you are in the wrong place. You can still see penguins here in fact many more. ...

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  • 19
    6.67 mi

    V&A Waterfront

    6.67 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    40 reviews

    It includes a few useful sites (the ferry to Robben Island is one) but it's mostly a typical shopping mall located on the waterfront. Sort of an amplified San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf.

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  • 20
    8.1 mi

    Chapman's Peak Drive

    8.1 mi from 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa
    20 reviews

    Awesome views if you happen to be in a passenger seat. It's still good for the driver but the road's pretty windy and requires concentration, especially if you're used to driving on the opposite side of the road. Still worth doing, though.

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