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What should I not miss? Most days we'll have about 6 hours in port.

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Mark Hellemans commented on this question

it would be helpful if you would indicate which ports your cruise will stop.

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Your cruise ship will provide tours from the ship and back. if you dock in Tauranga, take whatever they offer. If you dock in the Bay of Islands, go with the ship again. Try to sample some Moari culture and food. You can easily do the towns on your own, if you choose. And respectfully if you do branch out on your own, be back to the ship when you are told, they can not wait, and they will sail whether you are on board or not. Have fun, New Zealand is a nice place. oh, and almost forgot, When you sail through Fjordland, be on deck. Not as good as Norway, but still very very beautiful, even if it raining or cloudy

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