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2013: My Year on gogobot

A guide to my personal 2013 adventures

Moonlight Villa

Awesome. Absolutely decadent. I discovered the Moonlight on accident one day and it changed my world. In terms of luxury, it's on par with the nearby Istana, but with a much more cozy and intimate in feel. The rooms are like nothing I've ever experienced, from flat screen TVs to silk pillow cases,...

Harborside Bar & Grill

Best of the bars in West Ocean City, or maybe even Ocean City for that matter. Waterfront, rustic dock-like feel and amazing local live music on a regular basis. This is where a lot of year-round residents hang their beer mugs and wash away the endless working hours of the tourist season! Also famous...

Southside Deli

Despite not being a sit down restaurant like the Ocean City location, I prefer this Southside Deli to any deli on the eastern shore. It has that true Italian deli feel, just a beer store with a deli case in the back - and the sandwiches are knock out good. All Boar's Head meats, fresh and friendly service....

The Istana

Perfection. A stay at the Istana feels out of body - it is heaven. Everything from the grounds, to the stately dining area and spacious bedrooms is masterfully designed, carefully thought out and overwhelmingly comforting. The attention to detail is amazing, from the collection of mammal skulls...

Ryoshi Japanese Restaurant & Bar

Some of the best sushi I've ever eaten at some of the best prices imaginable. Very fresh and traditionally prepared. There is an excellent selection of rolls, sashimi, sushi and Japanese noodle dishes. Decor has a rustic, Japanese feel too it. Great location on one of Seminyak's main drags as well....

Gunung Agung (Mount Agung)

Breath-taking. One of the great spirit mountains of this world. Enormous. Imposing. Inspiring.

The Kampung

The Kampung is my favorite place to stay in Bali and there are more reasons for that than I can list here. Part paradise, part home away from home, the Kampung's coolest feature is it's village-like feel, recreated from antique traditional homes. I also really loved the outdoor bathrooms - totally...

USS Liberty Wreck

If you could only go one wreck dive in your entire life, the Liberty should make your short list. Diving the Liberty is a truly fantastic experience. The massive size of the vessel, combined with it's age and collapsed inner portions, provides the feel of swimming through an ancient,...