26 Beach Cafe

3100 Washington Boulevard, Marina del Rey
8 reviews

yum! I've found my new favourite brunch place. huge menu with crazy items like caramel macchiato French toast. get here early - it fills up fast!

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  • 61
    3.71 mi

    Liquid Kitty

    11780 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
    3.71 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    11 reviews

    I LOVE this bar! Fancy a dark bar with a glass of absinthe? Or maybe a moscow mule? No matter what you order, you'll never be disappointed. The Liquid Kitty is, by far, the best nighttime life in LA I've had - and the regulars that attend are just as quirky and fun as the bar is. They have karaoke ...

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  • 62
    3.34 mi

    Bergamot Station

    2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404
    3.34 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    10 reviews

    Bergamont Station is one of my favorite places in LA; the perfect place to go when you're itching to do something but don't feel like spending money. I'm surprised at how few people know about it still because it's such a gem! Basically, its an art complex comprised of 30 or so diverse galleries all featuring new art. Check out ...

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  • 63
    4.74 mi


    11831 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
    4.74 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    12 reviews

    In addition to the great beer selection on tap you must try the sweet potato tots! It's a small venue so be prepared to squeeze in on a busy night.

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  • 64
    3.73 mi

    Sara The Wine Bar

    11800 Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, California
    3.73 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    10 reviews

    Cool little Culver City wine bar in an unexpected location with good food to go along with your glass of wine. The space is cozy without being too tiny to move.

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  • 65
    4.2 mi

    Blind Barber

    10797 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA, United States
    4.2 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    10 reviews

    Pretty cool speakeasy... and you don't find too too many of those in the West side!

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  • 66
    2.17 mi


    2215 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA, United States
    2.17 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    8 reviews

    YogaWorks is one of the large corporate yoga chains, and this studio was the first of many. Started as an Ashtanga studio (a very physical and self led practice), it has expanded to fit the needs of a larger audience. They offer ashtanga as well as vinyasa and hatha style classes. You will be able to find any kind of ...

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  • 67
    4.12 mi

    Annenberg Community Beach House

    415 Pacific Coast Hwy, Santa Monica, CA, United States
    4.12 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    9 reviews

    A great place for special events and for beach goers with small children. For a real beach experience I prefer Zuma.

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  • 68
    4.41 mi

    Santa Monica Stairs

    4th St & Adelaide Dr
    4.41 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    9 reviews

    Outdoor 'gym' Went up 5 sets of stairs! woot woot! It's a great workout indeed :) Make sure to stretch before, during and after so you won't hurt your self. There area 2 stairs near each other, wooden and concrete. I think the concrete one was a better workout because it seemed longer to go up. Wooden one is popular ...

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  • 69
    2.76 mi

    Pacific Park

    380 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA, United States
    2.76 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    9 reviews

    Kids Love this place---Santa Monica Pier!! Roller Coaster, Ferris Wheel, Twister, Bucceneer Rocking Ship, lots of games, restaurants...lots of fun! Approx. 12-15 short blks. from home.

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  • 70
    3.8 mi

    Dockweiler State Beach

    12501 Vista Del Mar, Playa del Rey, CA, United States
    3.8 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    10 reviews

    Dockweiler is closest beach to the airport and almost feels like part of LAX as the planes seem to barely miss your head taking off into the sky. It really isn't a great beach, and I give my 3 stars because it is the only bonfire friendly beach. You must arrive a bit early to claim your bonfire, the beach ...

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  • 71
    4.92 mi

    Kirk Douglas Theatre

    9820 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA
    4.92 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    8 reviews

    The Kirk Douglas Theatre is definitely a smaller venue but it does have a very intimate feel. It is located between downtown Culver City and the city hall. They have free parking at the city hall so that's very convenient. There are 2 restaurants right next to the theatre so you can arrive early and grab a bite or a ...

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  • 72
    4.42 mi

    Giant Robot Store

    2015 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
    4.42 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    7 reviews

    YAAY GIANT ROBOT. Such a quirky and awesome store. They specialize in vinyl toys and art books but always have other random stuff. Great for gifts.

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  • 73
    2.89 mi

    Sonoma Wine Garden

    395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, CA
    2.89 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    10 reviews

    Wine bar with a view! This place has so much potential to be amazing - the rooftop location provides a gorgeous view of the ocean and the scenic Santa Monica pier. There's a spacious outdoor "wine garden," cool bar area, and a dining room, so you've got several seating options. It definitely has the ambiance going on for them. Unfortunately, ...

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  • 74
    3.05 mi

    The Misfit

    225 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA, United States
    3.05 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    5 reviews

    This place has delicious sliders. Get the Lobster Nik Niks, which are lobster sliders. They're so amazing. Make sure to dip them in the spicy mayo sauce that they give you. The Prime Rib Nik Niks are really good as well. Make sure you order garlic fries. They give you A LOT. I came here during happy hour with some ...

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  • 75
    4.78 mi

    Sony Pictures Studios

    10202 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232-3119
    4.78 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    6 reviews

    Here's where the magic takes place!

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  • 76
    2.68 mi


    200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California
    2.68 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    4 reviews
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  • 77
    3.93 mi

    Bigfoot West

    10939 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States
    3.93 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    6 reviews

    It's your usual gathering of hipsters... now on the Westside (so maybe the hipsters who can't get their act together enough to be on the Eastside). But really, there is nothing amazing about BFW. Nice atmosphere, slightly overpriced drinks.

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  • 78
    4.24 mi

    Rave 18

    6081 Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045-8831, United States
    4.24 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    4 reviews

    Great movie theater located inside the Promenade at Howard Hughes Center. It's got the real IMAX, so great for movies filmed in IMAX. No previews before the movie either! Of course the IMAX movies cost a little more, but well worth it to see the movie in a comfy seat with a huge IMAX screen.

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  • 79
    4.02 mi

    Oldfield's Liquor Room

    10899 Venice Boulevard, W Los Angeles, CA, United States
    4.02 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    4 reviews

    **GOOD DRINKS IN A PRETTY ATMOSPHERE** I liked this place. A lot. The vintage decor and spacious layout was appreciated. No televisions, thank you. Definitely my scene. Pretty. Romance was in the air. Good energy and vibe. Nice bartenders. Ideal for a date where you can indulge in real conversations. Decent Old Fashioneds for $11. WILL RETURN for their 5-9PM ...

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  • 80
    3.16 mi

    Palisades Park

    1301 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401-1019
    3.16 mi from 26 Beach Cafe
    4 reviews

    Not many urban parks can offer the feeling of solitude that is possible while concentrating on the views of the beach, pier and ocean.

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