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Nick Talwar
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A business travel survival guide

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 Traveling for business is a mixed blessing. I get to go to places that I wouldn't go to on my own. I also often get some time to meet up with old friends who live in other parts of the world, and find myself enjoying a night out with much more regularity when I travel than when I am home.

But business travel can take its toll as well. What I dread most is flying home on the 6 hour flight from the East coast only to get back tired, having missed seeing my kids before they go to sleep, and to have to get to work early the next day to catch up on what I have missed out on.

As head of North America Consumer Credit at Visa, I spend a decent amount of time on the road. I've found that there are a few things I consistently look for in a hotel. A gym. Location is really important. I want a clean, modern, efficient hotel. If it is a chain I prefer Westin over Marriott or Hilton. If I have a little extra time in my trip, put me downtown. Otherwise, close to business to save time and energy. My favorite business destination? NYC. United has a premium cabin on flights from SFO that offers much more space and amenities. Plus, hotels on the ground are often close to friends and business, making the trip that much more enjoyable. 

Here's my guide to the hotels I return to again and again, as well as some current favorite restaurants for business.


Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto

It's downtown, it's got a gym, and varied meeting spaces. Great place to stay in Toronto.

The Village Pub

Excellent service, classic food. Popular with business people and venture capitalists in the Valley.


Best to book in advance for this high-end Greek restaurant.


Upscale Vietnamese, and one of the Valley's better restaurants.


Wonderful Cuban food with generous portions.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel

Luxury, a bit of history, and a very welcoming ambiance help to make you feel at home on a business trip.

Mandarin Oriental

Well-located for business, with comfortable rooms and good service. Away from the madness of South Beach!

The Ritz-Carlton

Excellent service, centrally located. Its business lounge is 24 hours.

Taj Campton Place

A central SF location with great food and top-notch amenities.