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A Roma...Si Mangia

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My guide to Rome's best, non-touristy restaurants, brought to you by years of hard, thankless research.

Gelateria Petrini

The most spectacular gelateria in Rome, and no one knows about it but the locals. The menta romana is creamy and delicately minty without while the passito di pantelleria is a wondrous distillation of the sicilian liqueur. Honestly, all the flavors are just uh-mazing. Close to the Ponte Lungo stop...

Ristorante Tram Tram Snc Di Fabiola Di Vittorio

Really great Roman food. This is a tiny place, lots of Romans come here, and you won't pay over 10 euro for a plate of pasta. I ate here after a long walk from a wine bar near Termini, and so was absolutely ravenous. There were no disappointments. The decor is a bit grandma's house. Order anything and feel...

Dar Moschino

I ate myself sick here. It's situated on a lovely piazza in Garbatella, a neighborhood built in the 1930s, which legend has it was named after a kind waitress (or prostitute, depending who you talk to) who once worked here. Eat the rigatoni alla gricia. Have the mixed antipasto. Maybe move on to some...

La Taverna del Ghetto

Sometimes it takes an Israeli to do Rome proud. Just around the corner from Piazza XVI Ottobre, where thousands of Roman Jews were once rounded up and taken to concentration camps, sits the Taverna del Ghetto, run by Raffaele, a man from Israel, and his Roman wife. As he explained to me, Roman Jewish...

Osteria dell'Angelo

I thought all the Roman food places were in Testaccio, until I accidentally ran across this place while staying at a pensione across the street. The owner, Angelo, puts on a good rap about how healthy typical Roman food is (tripe is low in fat, and other interesting little known facts) but the food is...

Enoteca Ferrara

Enoteca Ferrara is just off Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere. The best time to come is for aperitivo. It's not the cheapest you'll find in the city, but the quality is good and the wine list sublime. We drank a bottle of delicious Gavi (a grape from Piedmont that creates a wonderfully full, yet refreshing...


Everybody knows about Gusto, but that's cool. It's cavernous, modern place, with a view of ivy-bedecked ruins, that serves a sort of holy grail meal for expats in Rome...Sunday Brunch. The pizzas and normal dinner menus are very good, too.