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Where can I find the best African (especially ethiopian) cuisine in Goa?

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      Matthew Crompton recommended Goa
      Beaches, beaches, and more beaches may be the rallying cry for the tiny, prosperous state of Goa, but don't think that it's all about sand here. With fascinating Portuguese-colonial ruins, a crazy ... read more
      party scene, tons of yoga and spiritual retreats, and some of India's best and most memorable cuisine (prawns vindaloo - yum!), it's a place that can easily occupy a couple weeks of exploring, even if you never do manage to pull yourself away from the sun and surf.
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      Matthew Crompton

      African restaurants are thin on the ground in Goa, and I've never seen or heard of an Ethiopian eatery in the state. The closest you're probably gonna get is variations on North African and Mediterranean cusine somewhere like Buena Mesa in Candolim or Sur La Mer in Morjim. Good luck! =)

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