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Oct 10, 2014 - Oct 25, 2014

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    • Ed Adams recommended Cotacachi - jJust outside Otavalo
      Grab a bus from Quito to Cotacachi - Relax and enjoy the countryside. The nearby town of Otavalo is the County / Provence capitol and has the most "Going On" but it is a lot more "Busy" than C'chi. I ... read more
      go to Ecuador to relax, meet people, relax [and did I say to meet people?] There is also a chap there who will rent you a horse for an hour or so - a very nice way to learn the area. AND - Otavalo is a short ride away on the local bus - so jumping over there is easy.
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      Ed Adams

      Grab a bus from Quito to Cotacachi - Relax and enjoy the countryside

    • Pro 2014
      Nomadic by Nature recommended Baños
      Set in a beautiful verdant valley, the cobblestone town is very pleasant to walk around, and there is some great food there. There are some scenic waterfalls all around the town, and some hot springs ... read more
      to indulge in as well.
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    • Barbara Kossy recommended Quito
      I was only there a couple of nights before and after a Galapagos trip, but I enjoyed walking around the city, and the food we had, especially the giant corn, was great.
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    • Devil's CrownDevil's Crown, Isla Floreana, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
      Barbara Kossy recommended Devil's Crown
      This is one of the best snorkeling spots in the Galapagos Islands. We had a great time circumnavigating the exterior of the crown, with the current. Then we swam into the center. We came eye to eye ... read more
      with sea lions, watched sea turtles graze and had a terrific time. The crown is an eroded submerged volcanic cone. Here you can see all sorts of fish and creatures. My big thrill was watching a penguin swim by. Currents can be strong.
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      Barbara Kossy

      You may want to take a snorkeling less on before you go.

    • Barbara Kossy recommended The Galápagos Islands
      If you can do a cruise and tour of the Galapagos jump at the chance. It's a stunningly beautiful place and the peaceful encounters with the protected wildlife may just change your life. A highlight ... read more
      for me was snorkeling with sea lions, turtles, and even penguins!
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