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      Matthew Crompton recommended Myanmar/Burma
      Myanmar (Burma is used more or less interchangeably, though locals seem to favor the former name these days) is a Southeast Asian country distinguished mostly by what it DOESN'T have: loads of ... read more
      tourists. In contrast to Thailand, Angkor or Vietnam, this nation at the crossroads of south and southeast Asia can seem positively empty of visitors, and that's part of its charm. People here -- be they Burmese, Mon, Indian or Shan -- are mostly friendly and smiling, without the scams or greediness you find elsewhere in the region; and the country has a kind of sleepy charm that's immediately appealing. Myanmar might lack blockbuster sights (virtually nothing in the country is a "must", though many things are certainly nice), but getting a little off the tourist treadmill and seeing a corner of the world that often seems forgotten is a reward more than worth the journey.
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      Matthew Crompton

      Hey there! Standard visa is granted for 30 days. You need to apply to a Burmese embassy before you go. Easiest is to apply at the embassy in Bangkok (since there are no long-haul international flights to Burma anyways). It's around $30, and takes a single day to process the visa application.

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