Aegina 18010, Greece
2 reviews

aegina is a beautiful island. to get there you need to take a boat or a ferri at Piraeis to get to aegina. it is worth a visit as it has beautiful waters which is fun to fish in and swim, shopping is pretty good and different. and the food is beautiful and fresh from the island. it is also ...

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    17.96 mi


    17.96 mi from Aegina
    1 review

    WOW!!!The best salad made by yourself at Everest!!!!

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    19.75 mi

    George's Taverna

    19.75 mi from Aegina
    1 review
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    17.4 mi


    17.4 mi from Aegina
    1 review

    Pisina is a great cafe/restaurant in Zea, Piraeus, Greece. It is located near Athens. It is a commonplace for the locals. The view as well as the area are really fantastic. If you want to have your meal or coffee near the coastal zone of Athens, it is a candidate place.

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    19.84 mi

    Matsuhisa Athens

    19.84 mi from Aegina
    1 review

    No need for me to discuss the menu or the quality. I can count the restaurants in Athens that offer great sushi, on one hand. What makes this place extra special is the location. If you are staying in Athens City Center, then you will need to take a taxi or rent a car. The restaurant is located in one ...

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    19.51 mi


    19.51 mi from Aegina

    Pagotomania is located in Nikaia (Platia Eleytherias square), Piraeus. Visiting it is really worthwhile. In addition, its waffle as well as the innumerous scoops of ice cream are really tasty. It is a quite cheap place to enjoy your desert or ice cream.

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    19.62 mi


    19.62 mi from Aegina
  • 7
    18.93 mi

    Flocafe Paleo Faliron

    18.93 mi from Aegina
    1 review

    This cafe has yummy coffee and is pretty inexpensive. These Flocafe's are all over and consistently good. Also free WiFi, just ask your server for the code.

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  • 8
    19.46 mi

    Egomio Ache

    19.46 mi from Aegina
    1 review

    A nice place however very often crowded and a little pretentious. Good to hang out with friends and have a coffee and get some light fare. The food is pretty good but a lot of people just go for the coffee and the hang. Be prepared for everyone to check you out as you walk in and get situated.

  • 9
    22.79 mi

    TGI Friday's

    22.79 mi from Aegina
    3 reviews

    Your safe choice. If you don't want to eat any other traditional greek food and pita gyros and you just have the need to taste some well known dishes, just try to visit one of the TGI Friday's restaurants. It will feel like home.

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  • 10
    22.53 mi

    Gazi College

    22.53 mi from Aegina
    2 reviews

    Tremendously original, relaxing, special foods, nice staff!

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  • 11
    23.25 mi

    Pezodromo Taverna

    23.25 mi from Aegina
    1 review

    Looking for the smilingest waiter in Athens? Our new found friend Fanis may not speak much English, but you are guaranteed never to leave this really local, really tasty, local favorite nieghborhood taverna hungry. Start with a small plate of gavros or sardelles (little fish to the non-Greeks out there) and move on to a platter of "paidakia", grilled lamb ...

  • 12
    22.82 mi


    22.82 mi from Aegina
    1 review

    Home to a number of great food spots: Looking for traditional mezedes, don't miss Mikri Vouli; for a taverna there is Mouries, and for your Asian fix the Sushi Bar ... And for that very special occas

  • 13
    21.73 mi


    21.73 mi from Aegina
    1 review

    Impeccable food. Impeccable service. Great place if you're staying at the Marriott or intercontinental.

  • 14
    23.02 mi

    Penelope & Ministeres Restaurant

    23.02 mi from Aegina
    1 review

    Looking for a night out with live Greek music? Here's the perfect, tourist free stop - it's family friendly, decent food and drink, good live music, and not too hard on the wallet. And, they're open

  • 15
    23.11 mi

    Ciao Italia S.A.

    23.11 mi from Aegina
    1 review

    Nice coffee, good breakfast and super pizzas!

  • 16
    22.25 mi


    22.25 mi from Aegina
    1 review

    Incredible food and service in a residential area just south of the main attractions. Right across from a park full of children, puppies and grandmas, To Trikyklo offers a fresh, homey menu with loads of delicious choices. I made the mistake of ordering an appetizer, a starter and a small portion of a meat as each portion was a bit ...

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  • 17
    22.44 mi

    Yard Cafe, Athens

    22.44 mi from Aegina
    1 review

    A colleague from my conference dragged me here and I was a bit concerned. Yard Cafe is right on a tourist row near the Acropolis with views of the New Acropolis museum. They had people eagerly whisking us to a table and I was suspicious. I was pleasantly surprised with our meal though. I had the grilled chicken salad which ...

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