AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown

Crn of Camp and Shotover Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand
10 reviews

I did the Nevis jump! It's sooo long and it feels like you're falling and falling. When is it going to end? Biggest adrenaline rush of my life and so worth it! You must do an AJ Hackett Bungy while in your in Queenstown. It's kind of pricey so make sure you set aside some money before you arrive there!

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    0.07 mi


    0.07 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    21 reviews

    Fergburger. Wont' be forgetting that name anytime soon. I have to admit, I actually liked a burger in New Zealand. Now granted, it wasn't 100% beef. It had some filler like bread crumbs or something. But it was tasty. The selections were great. They also had a line at the time, so it's a popular place. A little pricier then ...

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    0.19 mi

    Botswana Butchery Queenstown

    0.19 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    5 reviews

    Commanding a great view over the lake this fine dining establishment has the goods. The food, mostly traditional kiwi-fare with a infused Pacific and Asian influence is outstanding. The wine list is vast and the atmosphere is classy, crisp and worth the upmarket price tag.

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    0.06 mi

    Vudu Cafe

    0.06 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    4 reviews

    Vudu is a Queenstown instantiation with great coffee and a great selection of treats under glass. Priding themselves on espresso wizardry you owe yourself a jolt of the hard stuff - step in, wake up.

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    0.16 mi

    At Thai Restaurant

    0.16 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    4 reviews

    Great Thai food to be found here in this hard(ish) to find eatery. The Pad Thai is pretty good and the curries are awesome - nice atmosphere and cool folks behind the bar.

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    0.1 mi

    The Cow

    0.1 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    3 reviews

    Built into a former cow milking shed at the end of Cow Lane in central Queenstown - The Cow is a local institution. Their menu hasn't changed since the 70's and that's a good thing. Great pizza and an atmosphere that's best described as cramped, forced socializing, dark and bump-your-head low ceilings - and that's a good thing too.

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  • 6
    0.12 mi

    Post office cafe

    0.12 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    3 reviews

    great place for an espresso and a slice - you've got mail!

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    0.12 mi

    Winnies Queenstown Restaurant

    0.12 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    3 reviews

    Solid pizza. Retractable roof is great during nice days.

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  • 8
    0.09 mi

    Lone Star

    0.09 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    3 reviews

    The bests steak dinner ever! I cannot recommend Lone Star in Queenstown to everyone enough. There was a Lone Star chain in Melbourne but they closed down so many years ago, so I was glad to finally experience Lone Star once again. I had a craving for buffalo wings so we went there one night and was impress by the ...

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  • 9
    0.12 mi

    Joe's Garage

    0.12 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown

    Joe's is a local favourite and a great place to get caffeined up for the day. Killer coffee and great breakfasts are the go. It's hectic, busy and slightly chaotic - but that's half the charm.

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  • 10
    0.13 mi

    Habebes Lebanese & Vegetarian Takeaways

    0.13 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    2 reviews

    This hole in the wall take-a-way shop has some of the best healthy food around. Whether it's a kebab filled with fresh lamb or a salad bursting with karmic goodness you'll struggle to go wrong. And no, fries don't come with that.

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  • 11
    0.2 mi

    Pub on Wharf

    0.2 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    2 reviews

    With a great location right on the warterfront in Central Queenstown this pub has a good bit going for it. Plenty of beer on tap and good meals are a plus. Live music often is the go and the atmosphere is good fun.

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  • 12
    0.07 mi


    0.07 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    2 reviews

    Delicious Thai food, absolute great value and came at an efficient service! Highly recommended for lunch

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    0.24 mi

    The Bathhouse

    0.24 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    2 reviews

    Smoke salmon

  • 14
    0.15 mi

    Devil Burger

    0.15 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    1 review

    The new burger joint in town is doing it right. Fantastic burgers on good buns with plenty of options. The venison is great and the curry fries are worth a visit by themselves.

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  • 15
    0.17 mi

    Pier 19

    0.17 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown

    Nice place for breakfast on the lake front

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    0.14 mi

    Flame Bar & Grill

    0.14 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    1 review

    If you like meat, this is your place. Vegetables are for sissies - it's all meat all the time. Steaks the size of novels, ribs that would make Fred Flintstone quiver and slabs of chicken(s) that look like the start of an eating contest. if this sounds good - then you'll love it.

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  • 17
    0.12 mi


    0.12 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    1 review
  • 18
    0.12 mi

    Cookie Time Queenstown Shop

    0.12 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    1 review

    Giant, deliciously fresh, homemade cookies of all flavors - best served with a glass of cold milk. Being on the road for so long, I found particular enjoyment in these; they add a wonderful touch of home comfort when you're traveling. My favorite was the peanut butter chunk chocolate chip. To DIE for.

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  • 19
    0.12 mi

    Q Lounge Pool Bar

    0.12 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    1 review

    It's a hip place. Popular for not only tourists but locals. If you like pool tables, this is a good place to hangout. Cozy atmosphere! I enjoyed the open mic night.

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  • 20
    0.03 mi

    Red Rock Bar Cafe

    0.03 mi from AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown
    1 review

    Once again another great accidental discovery because it was close to Sofitel hotel, as Red Rock provides a great value for a $10 big breakfast. It was nice to enjoy the breakfast on the outdoor area with the sunshine streaming on my back. Highly recommended!

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