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    • Pro 2014
      Rodney S commented on this trip

      If they don't have room for you in the crowd and they put you in the back lounge area, they will give you guaranteed seats to a future taping. Many dining options in the area, such as Bob's Big Boy. Be prepared to wait and sit on some uncomfortable benches in the parking lot. I was on a taping with Bon Jovi & Eric Stonestreet

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    • Audrey Lo "@GogobotAudrey" commented on this trip

      I've been to a few tapings (not the exact show you are attending) at CBS Studios and from what I recall, get there early and dress up nice (esp if you want to get put on camera). They always choose the good looking crowd to be on camera, if that's something you want to do. Other then that, be sure to leave your cameras at home as they don't allow you to bring cameras in the studios. Have a great time!

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