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    5 Jul 04, 2012

    One old joke is that Albany is where Berkeley Radicals go to die. And a lot of people don't even know where Albany is located. I sometimes mention Berkeley first or mention Albany Hill or the Race Track. It also borders Berkeley, El Cerrito, Richmond, and Kensington. Gayle also scoffs when I sometimes tell her that Albany in some ways reminds me of Iowa. She sees an "urban and gritty" East Bay suburb, while I feel that I'm living in a small town with friendly neighbours and a sense of cohesion.

    We Albanians are passionate about several things. The composition of the City Council changes with the popular issues of the day (like the Waterfront), but those meetings haven't been the same since Dario Mendiketti passed away. We like our services (including schools) and we're willing to vote for most if not all parcel taxes and bond measures put before us.

    What I appreciate personally is my neighbourhood and local park, the Solano Stroll, the walking distance availability to several things, the Community Center and Library, and the Teen Center services. Good City services and the friendly and helpful folks that provide them are also much appreciated.

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    2 Nov 06, 2013
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