Alejo's Presto Italian Restaurant

8343 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045
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  • Alejo's Presto Italian Restaurant
    Sue Zhou
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    5 Oct 04, 2012

    Combo - chopped up Garlic and extra virgin olive oil. But it must be in the bread. Because this combo is banging !! Vampires won't come near you for days! Pizzas are fantastic here, Alejos salad is legendary --- no corkage here !!!!!

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  • Alejo's Presto Italian Restaurant
    5 Aug 29, 2012

    This place has changed their name to EDDIE'S.

    random i know. But they have another "alejos" location closeby, and people kept getting lost. why? bc people are morons.

    this location is much better. it's in a small ghetto-ish shopping area. park behind the place (by taco bell, or whatever crappy fast food that place is), and walk through to avoid parking trouble.

    the pizzas are insane, made from scratch, mushroom and black olive. mmmmmmm. and the crack salad- THE CHEF's salad, mozzarella cheese, bacon, greens, and crack sauce. And don't forget their yummy bread, drench that shit in their garlic and olive oil concoction and you'll be smiling for days. Make sure you take your bf and gf though, so you can both stink at the same time.

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