Alessandro Palace Hostel

Via Vicenza, 42, 00185 Rome, Italy
7 reviews

Alessandro palace hostel is in a good location, near more or less 5 minutes from Termini, the central railway station that has direct connection to Vatican. Colosseo is at about 15 minutes walk away. All rooms have their own bathroom with hair dryer but the cleaning is not so good. In the room there are lockers, but you have to ...

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Restaurants near Alessandro Palace Hostel

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  • 81
    3.19 mi

    La Pergola

    Via Alberto Cadlolo 101, Rome 00136, Italy
    3.19 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    4 reviews

    This is one of Rome's Michelin starred restaurants and the only one with three stars. It is in the luxurious Hilton Cavaleri hotel sitting high on a hill surrounded by a green park with magnificent views of Rome below. The setting is as opulent as expected for a fine dining restaurant with art treasures in and around the dining rooms. ...

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  • 82
    1.67 mi

    Il Convivio Troiani

    Vicolo dei Soldati 28, 00186 Rome, Italy
    1.67 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    3 reviews

    This restaurant is hard to find as it is located on a small side street that cars cannot get down. But the effort to find the restaurant is rewarded by fine dining in an elegant formal setting.

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  • 83
    1.23 mi

    Antico Caffè Greco

    Via dei Condotti 86, 00187 Rome, Italy
    1.23 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    4 reviews

    The most expensive espresso you could ever drink, but the ambience is so unique that it worths...

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  • 84
    1.39 mi

    La Matricianella

    Via del Leone 4
    1.39 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    2 reviews

    Exceptionally good bucatini alla'amatriciana. This is their specialty and is the thing to get. Atmosphere is good but service a little rough. If the weather is nice, sit outside.

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  • 85
    1.73 mi

    Filetti di Baccala

    Largo dei Librari 88, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.73 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    5 reviews

    The small restaurant specializes in cod (baccalà), a specialty of the region. Head to the back and order a filet of fried cod for 4,50 euro to take away (it is 5 euro if you want a table). Very tasty. The frying method they use gives the fish a light taste. Highly recommend if you are in the area.

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  • 86
    1.67 mi

    Insalata Ricca

    Largo dei Chiavari, 85, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.67 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    4 reviews

    Sometimes you just need something light. The chain of Insalata Ricca restaurants have locations all over Rome because they seem to understand this. A large salad for dinner can be just the thing after so much good cheese, pasta and meat, although there is more than salad on the menu. And the prices are very reasonable. When we went, the ...

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  • 87
    1.2 mi

    Antica Birreria Peroni

    Via di San Marcello, 19, 00187 Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    1.2 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    2 reviews

    wonderful restaurant tucked away off the Via del Corso. Does amazing fettucini and steaks and sausages (served 'Roman style') of all sorts. Especially enjoyed the ox. Good bread as well and, of course, peroni beer.

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  • 88
    1.73 mi

    L'Enoteca Cul de Sac

    Piazza di Pasquino 73, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.73 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    4 reviews

    Outstanding little place on the Piazza di Pasquino, just off the Piazza Navona. Great selection of wines by the glass, cheeses and prosciutto.

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  • 89
    2.06 mi

    Dar Poeta

    Vicolo del Bologna 45/46, Rome 00153 Italy
    2.06 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    3 reviews

    Everyone's favorite pizza spot. That's why we made it our first stop as soon as we arrived. It was as delicious and tasty as people made it out to be-- but beware, it was also full of tourists. Ask them for recs on what pizza to get, but if they don't have any (which was the case for us), just ...

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  • 90
    1.53 mi

    Sant' Eustachio Il Caffé

    Piazza di Sant'Eustachio, 82, 00186 Rome, Italy
    1.53 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    2 reviews

    This is what espresso in Heaven must taste like! All of the hype you've heard is 100% true -- this is without question the single best cup of espresso I have ever had in the world. Yes, the world's best. If you love coffee, make this your first stop in Rome. I literally shed tears in the street on my ...

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  • 91
    1.75 mi


    Piazza della Cancelleria 74-75, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.75 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    3 reviews

    Just a few small blocks from Campo de’ Fiori, this is what I would regard as a classic trattoria--crowded wooden tables, rustic looking walls and ceiling, bottles of wine everywhere and great smells coming from the kitchen. Their pasta was recommended but the first time we ate here, we did not have pasta. So, we just had to return for ...

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  • 92
    1.7 mi


    Via Monte de' Cenci, 9, Rome 00186 Italy
    1.7 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    3 reviews

    Originally opened in 1860. Excellent selection of antipasti, artichokes cooked in the “Jewish style”, chickpea and pasta soup. Finish it all off with an espresso laced with Romana Sambuca and whip cream. Recommended by Burt Wolf Travels and Traditions

  • 93
    2.21 mi


    39 Via Marmorata, Rome 00153 Italy
    2.21 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    1 review

    Perilli is one of those restaurants that most people often miss. It's very unassuming. It is located on Via Marmorata, and it's a good place to have a Sunday brunch before you explore the churches on the Aventine Hill or take a stroll down the street through the Protest Cemetery. They make the best carbonara in the city, in my ...

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  • 94
    1.95 mi

    Gelarmony Gelateria Siciliana

    Via Marcantonio Colonna, 34 Roma
    1.95 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel

    Nice assortment of flavors, and the gelato is pretty good. Not usually a fan of the panna, but theirs is pretty good. One of my favorite places to grab a coppetta in Rome!

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  • 95
    1.93 mi

    Da Enzo al 29

    Via dei Vascellari 29, Rome, Italy
    1.93 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    2 reviews

    We love this tiny place in Trastevere, with its changing menu, and simple dishes like polpette (meatballs) or pasta with x. This is also a good spot to try the so-called quinta quarta (the fifth fourth) the Roman name for its traditional offal dishes like tripe.

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  • 96
    1.29 mi

    Osteria Margutta

    Via Margutta 82, 00187 Rome, Italy
    1.29 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    3 reviews

    Lovely restaurant in lovelier Via Margutta.

  • 97
    2.4 mi

    Betto E Mary

    Via dei Savorgnan, 99, 00176 Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    2.4 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    2 reviews

    Amazing authentic working class Roman cuisine. You need to speak Italian to be happy there and if you wear a tie, they'll cut it off. But if you can hack that, it's a fabulous experience.

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  • 98
    1.93 mi

    Da Augusto

    Piazza de' Renzi 15, 00153 Rome, Italy
    1.93 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel

    if you wanna have an authentic roman experience in one of Trastevere hidden squares, this is the place !

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  • 99
    1.52 mi

    Dal Bolognese

    Piazza del Popolo, 1-2, 00187 Rome, Italy
    1.52 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    3 reviews

    Very nice place. Great air con... The location is very nice and the food is great. I know it is famous for people watching, but I went there at 3pm and it was not very full. Highly recommend before shopping in the area.

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  • 100
    1.69 mi


    Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 68, 00176 Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    1.69 mi from Alessandro Palace Hostel
    3 reviews

    Since 1924, this bar in the edgy Pigneto neighborhood has been a Roman institution. In fact, in the 1950s, Pier Paolo Pasolini—the famous Italian film director, writer, and poet—was one of the bar's most frequent clients. Today, it's a retro-chic spot that still attracts a crowd of hip Romans, now with offerings like brunch, aperitivo, or late-night drinks (it's open ...

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