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Among the most populated of Antigua’s major towns with over 3,400 residents, All Saints is a thriving location with a prominent history. In fact, the first sugar cane plantation on the island is located at a place called Betty’s Hope in this area. The remnants of this important location are sparse today. Still, there are things to be viewed, including milling wheels and a stillhouse, causeing the local government to declare this area an open-air museum. Potters Village can be found around this around All Saints, giving away the longtime artistic focus of residents here. In fact, the pottery from this area is among some of the best on the island. If you are interested at all in pottery, this area is certainly the place you are going to want to check out. The efforts of the current and historical residents of this area have had a profound effect on the makeup of the island as a whole. This makes All Saints a great place to see first hand the birthplace of uniquely Antiguan agriculture and arts.


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