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    • Blancaneaux LodgeMountain Pine Ridge Reserve | Central Farm, San Ignacio, Belize
      Billy Tolson recommended Blancaneaux Lodge
      Belize is quickly becoming one of the most sought after travel destinations in Central America. Directly to the south of the Mexican Yucatan, Belize offers a unique variety of resorts featuring ... read more
      everything from luxurious beaches, Maya Mountain vistas, bountiful jungles and dense rainforests. We had the immense pleasure of spending two starry nights nestled away in a pocket of the Maya Mountains at Blancaneaux Lodge, an award-winning Coppola Resort in San Ignacio, Belize. We landed at the airport in Belize City where a friendly, professional and knowledgeable driver was waiting for us. For the 2-hour ride, he offered us water bottles, fresh fruit and homemade chocolate chip cookies. He shared the history of Belize and its people and stopped along the way at the finest gift shop so we could stretch our legs and share our first Belikin beer. Upon arriving at the resort, we were met by the concierge who brought us our first taste of Jaguar Juice, a potent concoction of local craboo liqueur, aged rum and fresh pineapple juice, while we stepped outside on the veranda to take in the beautiful views and the fresh air. Next we were given a tour of the property via golf cart. We saw the picturesque horse stables and the organic garden, featuring over three acres of vegetables, herbs, fruit and nut orchards, providing for almost 80% of the produce used at Blancaneaux. We ventured down a long, private path with lush landscaping in every direction and pulled up in front of the Enchanted Cottage, Blancaneaux Lodge’s ultimate dwelling of luxury, romance and seclusion. We were instantly impressed with our accommodations including a full-sized, stocked kitchen, screened porch, plush king-sized bed, two washrooms and a private infinity-edge pool overlooking a grand valley. In addition, a chest full of books and games were available for our entertainment. We dined exclusively at the resort’s restaurants and the servers warmly welcomed us, quickly becoming our friends while remaining professional, suggesting wine pairings and answering any questions we had about the menu. The poolside restaurant specializes in Guatemalan cuisine, pulling influence from Mexican, Caribbean and Mayan recipes such as slow-cooked meats, plantains and black beans. The more formal dining experience was at Montagna Ristorante, featuring classic Italian cuisine of pastas, fresh fish, local meats and wood-fired pizzas. On our second day, we decided to hike one of the trails to Big Rock, a nearby waterfall and natural spring. We fueled for the journey with breakfast; a satisfying spread of fresh juices, breads, homemade yogurt and fresh fruit. Our server was thoughtful enough to put in an order for a picnic lunch to send with us on the hike, complete with sandwiches, fruit, cookies and water to energize and to keep us hydrated. The concierge always had our best interest and safety as priority and knew our whereabouts in a non-intrusive manner. With a vast property and limited number of guests, the service was superior, including a personal golf cart for the duration of our stay. When we look back on our time at Blancaneaux, we still manage to have the same sense of relaxation and serenity as when we were there.
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      Billy Tolson


      If you decide to head inland, the famous director Francis Ford Coppola has a fantastic resort in San Ignacio. My wife and I stayed there recently and it was like second honeymoon. Check out Blancaneaux!

    • Victoria House22 Coconut Drive, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
      Billy Tolson recommended Victoria House
      Top Class Resort located just minutes from the sleepy town of San Pedro. Very secluded with its own private white sand beach. Ideal for Honeymooners as they can customize activities before your ... read more
      arrival and allow for prepayment, which creates a sense of royalty. Great restaurants and pools on-site, but should you choose to explore the tiny island of Ambergris Caye, complimentary bicycles are always at the ready. Golf carts are also provided for a fee.
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      Billy Tolson


      Having lived in Ambergris Caye, I can tell you that Arlo is spot-on about how quickly the rain will come and go. You will have moments of sunshine, followed by brisk periods of wet weather. You'll be in for a fair amount of rainbow watching. One unique feature of Ambergris Caye is the fact that it is protected by the natural reefs located less than a mile offshore, which creates a naturally-filtered calm bay. Great snorkeling can be had just steps from where you are staying.

    • Allison Greenberg commented on this trip

      Thanks for the feedback Arlo!

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    • Pro 2014
      Arlo Hemphill recommended The Great Blue Hole
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      Arlo Hemphill

      The real issue of summer stays to the Caribbean is the heat rather than the rain. However, the Cays are surrounded by water and get trade winds, so it's not so bad (especially compared to the US East Coast this summer!). You'll get rain, sure, but it's not like a rainy day in New York. It will be beautiful and then you'll get violent afternoon thunderstorms, and then it will be beautiful again... And this will likely repeat most everyday. One thing you'll need to keep an eye on though is hurricanes. If there is one on it's way or anywhere in the western Caribbean, scratch your plans (because even if it's hitting Havanna rather than Belize, you'll still get torrential rains...).

      If you happen to be a SCUBA diver, don't miss this attraction - the Great Blue Hole. It's one of Belize's most renown spots!

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