17475 Brookhurst Street, Fountain Valley, CA
1 review

Cruisen along in my automobile... and ohhh CHIT the gas light just popped on!!! WTH man!!! Didnt I just fill up the tank? Ohhh look im on the 405 and there is Brookhurst! sweet let me pop off to the Arco and put in $20 on the quicks... Pro Tip #1: There is an additional fee for use of your ...

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    0.71 mi

    Mile Square Golf Course

    0.71 mi from AMPM
    1 review

    I have played both course here (the Players and the Classic), and have to say that I prefer the Players. If you find the right deals, you can get on here for 15-25 bucks, and for that price I'd say it's worth it. $34 and $38 respectively for the weekdays is not a bad price point, especially if you're on ...

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  • 2
    4.77 mi

    Huntington Dog Beach

    4.77 mi from AMPM
    16 reviews

    They have corgi meetups several times a year. If you aren't a corgi owner but like to socialize your dogs this is the perfect place.

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  • 3
    3.47 mi

    7 Leaves Cafe

    3.47 mi from AMPM
    5 reviews

    When you see the word "cafe" you think you can sit and chill.. but you can't. This place is small. Two tables. But the service is fast and you get your drink quickly. (cash only!) I got the 7 leaves herbal tea during my last visit. It has chrysanthemum, artichoke, pandan leaves and not sure what else. I liked that ...

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    2.22 mi


    2.22 mi from AMPM
    5 reviews

    They have a parking lot right in front that is free, but if you get there too late they direct you to a second parking lot which costs $10... so make sure you get there early! I liked that the venue was small, you get a pretty good view of whoever you are there to see. There are several tiers ...

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  • 5
    2.08 mi

    We Olive & Wine Bar

    2.08 mi from AMPM
    3 reviews

    I really love olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I especially love this specialty store because you can try it before buying and you can bring the bottle back and get a discount on refills. It's really great. But even better is that they have a wine bar. Sure they serve beer too but their wine list is rather lengthy. I ...

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    3.26 mi

    Rockreation Sport Climbing Center

    3.26 mi from AMPM
    3 reviews

    Came here for free climb for their 20th Anniversary =) Great layout; big spacy area to climb & boulder. The even have a workout gym area too =) They even have 2 auto belay devices which is very cool to use. =) They have 3 locations: LA, OC (Costa Mesa) & Salt Lake City. 2nd biggest OC climbing place after ...

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  • 7
    4.02 mi

    House of Blues Anaheim

    4.02 mi from AMPM
    3 reviews

    In relation to all of the House of Blues all across the country, I like this one the least. It's in the heart of the downtown Disney area, so it loses a lot of authentic cool points. My favorite HOBs are in New Orleans, San Diego and LA, as opposed to being located right next to a statue of Mickey ...

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  • 8
    1.49 mi

    TKO Records

    1.49 mi from AMPM
    2 reviews

    Are you a punk rocker? Well, TKO Records is for YOU!

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  • 9
    2.43 mi

    los angeles

    2.43 mi from AMPM
    2 reviews
  • 10
    1.97 mi

    Johnny's Saloon

    1.97 mi from AMPM
    3 reviews

    Thanks to Yelp Elite event, I have discover this little hole in a wall!!! Great atmosphere, great service, kind staff, cool music and awesome drinks; so definitely will return. Parking thought....... scarce!

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  • 11
    4.72 mi

    Regency Westminster 10

    4.72 mi from AMPM
    3 reviews

    Nice little theater! Doesn't have stadium seating but the screening rooms have the old fashioned style red curtains that roll up before a film starts and the sound system is decent! Parking is plentiful!

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  • 12
    3.15 mi

    Costa Mesa Wellness Center

    3.15 mi from AMPM
    3 reviews

    Came here for an event. Location: Located within a strip mall. It is hard to see the signage. Parking: Free parking lot. Tons of parking. The place is clean. We hung out on the sofa. We were given a form to fill out and walked to the scale. The body fat scale provided too much information. And given several measurements, ...

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    3.13 mi

    Huntington Central Park

    3.13 mi from AMPM
    2 reviews

    A pretty amazing park in an area where land is expensive. The library is a central point for this park, but there are many other areas to relax and enjoy. There are trails, exercise equipment and even an outdoor theatre area.

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  • 14
    2.96 mi

    Huntington Beach Central Library & Cultural Center

    2.96 mi from AMPM
    2 reviews

    There is a huge park right in the middle of Huntington Beach with a huge central library right in the middle of it. The great thing about the library is that it's large with lot's of windows overlooking the park and water fountains all over the place. This creates the sound of flowing water. Very calming.

  • 15
    2.09 mi

    Mesa Verde Country Club

    2.09 mi from AMPM
    2 reviews

    I have never actually golfed here, but have helped to host a couple different charity events here. The staff has been great. The facilities are excellent and the course is kept up very nicely.

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  • 16
    3.81 mi

    One by One Foot Massage

    3.81 mi from AMPM
    2 reviews

    Great place for 1 hr $15 full body massage. No frills, this place isnt Burke Williams so dont have the same expectations here. Small little place on the outside but it's roomier on the inside. Service is good & ambiance was good too. It's a relaxing & dim environment for you to let go of all of your stress behind. ...

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  • 17
    2.11 mi

    OC Mart Mix

    2.11 mi from AMPM
    2 reviews

    This is a pretty unique 'mix'. Located in the South Coast Collection (SOCO or OCOS from the 405 north of Harbor), it complements the large neighboring stores while providing its own unique twist. Instead of focusing on big box store giants, they have individual vendors with distinctive and creative items for sale. Definitely a place to go for a unique ...

  • 18
    3.68 mi

    Phuoc Loc Tho - Garden Mall

    3.68 mi from AMPM
    2 reviews

    Parking is terrible here but it's the mandatory visit if you're not from this area. It's a huge mall and make sure you don't miss the shrine on the second floor.

  • 19
    1.89 mi

    Life Reflexology

    1.89 mi from AMPM
    2 reviews

    VERY BAD SERVICE here! HORRIBLE! I'm NOT coming back here EVER again!! =( They really do NOT care about customer service here! The signs here say, "Tips are greatly appreciated" Tips depend upon service & if service SUCKS then your tip will will be the same.

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  • 20
    1.23 mi

    Mile Square Park

    1.23 mi from AMPM
    1 review

    So you want a great place for a picnic, birthday party, hangout for no reason, playground, scenic photo spot, napping spot, almost anything you can think of, well this is it! if its easy and outdoors, it can happen here. PRO TIP: If you do not want to show up early, you can reserve a bbq and cabana online for ...

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