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  • 1

    Amsterdam Canals

    146 reviews

    It would be hard to miss these, but they are enchanting. Hope for a sunny day. There are a lot of different options for tours so shop around and maybe ask on the day.

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  • 2

    Van Gogh Museum

    129 reviews

    The Van Gogh museum displays some of Vincent van Gogh's best paintings. His paintings are great arts of storytelling and they are known for portraying rough beauty and emotional honesty during the 1800s. Some of his best work reflects poverty in Dutch farmlands and life in Paris.

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  • 3

    Red Light District

    158 reviews

    Not much to say about it besides if your in Amsterdam it's pretty much a must. Check it out and see what it's all about. I wouldn't spend a ton of time there but you gotta see it

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  • 4

    Anne Frank House

    117 reviews

    You can't go to Amsterdam and not see the Anne Frank House. The Museum is only small, for obvious reasons, so you do have to que for a little bit to get in most of the time, but if the weather is fine it is no problem. The museum itself is full of artifacts belonging to the families and history ...

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  • 5


    74 reviews

    Excellent history museum, with a wide variety of exhibits on different periods of Dutch and European history.

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  • 6

    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

    83 reviews

    Very efficient airport with competent security (despite the mishap a few years ago), free wireless internet, and good shopping.

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  • 7

    Canal Cruise Amsterdam

    72 reviews

    A canal cruise is a great way to get a first impression of Amsterdam. It's a nice, relaxing experience as you sit there and watch the city go by, with all the beautiful old houses and bridges.

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  • 8


    68 reviews

    Beautiful park. Lovely place to spend the afternoon out of the crowds and commotion. Depending on the weather, would be a great place to take kids or go for a picnic.

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  • 9

    Heineken Experience

    58 reviews

    Good fun, information about beer and brewing, free beers at the end. In my opinion, worth doing, especially if you have children with you

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  • 10

    Flower Market

    55 reviews

    Netherlands is famous for its production of all kinds of flowers, especially tulips. I would definitely recommend trying to go to the flower market, the variety of colors itself is pretty cool, and makes for some great pictures.

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  • 11

    Dam Square Monument

    53 reviews

    The Dam Square Monument is located in the Dam Square. The Dutch refer to it as the National Monument of Amsterdam. It represents suffering endured by war, Dutch resistance by intelligentsia and the working class, suffering and loyalty, peace, victory, and new life. Each section of the monument including sculpted figures reflects these attributes of Dutch history.

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  • 12

    Royal Palace Amsterdam

    36 reviews

    This is a amazing building. build by Hendrik de Keyzer as the city hall of Amterdam. It is one of the first ''civilian" building in Europe of this size. Amsterdam was a republic in that times, governed by regentes, the most influential entrepeneurs and protestants of the city. Inside it is beautiful decorated by Dutch aritst of the 17th century. ...

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  • 13


    39 reviews

    Leideplein is a very important square in the heart of Amsterdam's entertainment district. If you visit the Hard Rock Cafe, you're in Leideplein.

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  • 14

    Amsterdam Central Station

    35 reviews

    Incredible build in the centre of Amsterdam. All the city is connected with the Central Station.

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  • 15

    Madame Tussauds

    36 reviews

    I should have known this was the same tourist stuff that's in every every Madame Tussaud's, but sometimes you just want to hang out with your friends no matter what they want to do.

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  • 16

    I Amsterdam Sign

    32 reviews

    Kot sam napis ni nic posebnega, vedar je pa je I amsterdam city card nepogresljiva. Resnicno ti prihrani kar nekaj cakanja v vrsti in tudi evrckov.

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  • 17

    Albert Cuyp Markt

    22 reviews

    I have lived near the Albert Cuyp Market for more than 20 years. It is a great place to stroll on any given day. There's a lot of stuff to be bought, varying from household items to sporting goods to some really dutch treats like pickles and stroopwafels. Take at least three hours to take it all in.`

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  • 18

    Science Center NEMO

    21 reviews

    If you think museums are boring, think again en visit Nemo. Al lot of science stuff is explained en almost al things are interactive, so you can do your own tests. It's heaven for children. But be sure to check out the prognosis for the amount of people who will attend the museum, because when there's a crowd, you can ...

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  • 19


    21 reviews

    Really cool to see how his house would have been set up during that time period. Loved seeing the kitchen and learning about how they slept (the beds are super small...they didn't sleep lying down, but half sitting up) and seeing his collection room. The ticket comes with a free audioguide that does a great job of explaining all the ...

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  • 20

    Canal Bike

    21 reviews

    Canal Bike is great place 2 go it very nice :))))))

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