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Headed up in early October- what are the best options for outdoor adventure? Skiing? flight seeing?

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    • Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours17435 Marcus Baker Drive, Palmer, AK
      Van Le recommended Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours
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      Van Le

      They were on Groupon recently - a neat way to see the glacers. - check out Groupon for some awesome Anchorage deals on adventures, activities, and tours! :)

    • Liza Prado recommended Denali National Park
      Denali National Park is a majestic place with huge expanses of wild lands, Mount McKinley (the tallest mountain in North America), and an amazing diversity of wildlife; when I was there, I saw dall ... read more
      sheep, moose, caribou, wolves, black bears, and eagles. It's an amazing part of the world. There also are lots of options for camping in Denali. I spent a week at Wonder Lake, with incredible views of Mt. McKinley about half the time. Reserve a spot early--they fill up fast! And, be sure to bring mosquito repellant, light colored clothing, and even a mosquito head net--the mosquitos and black flies can be brutal is some parts of the park, especially in the summertime (though, my guess is that by September they're not so bad.....)
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      Liza Prado

      Since you're headed Alaska in October, the bug situation won't be that bad.... Have fun and safe travels!

      Elena Blume recommended Denali National Park
      Denali National Park is a must go if you will be in Anchorage, Alaska. It is very beautiful. It is fun to watch the wildlife there and the mountains are so goreous.
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    • Kenai Fjords National Park1212 4th Ave, Seward, AK
      Liza Prado recommended Kenai Fjords National Park
      Definitely book a whale watching/wildlife/glacier tour in Seward. They are a little pricey--around $200--but worth the expense. When I went a couple years ago, we spotted a killer whale and humpback ... read more
      whale sparring, bald eagles and puffins flying overhead, sea lions and porpoises, and amazing views of calving glaciers. It was the highlight of an amazing trip.
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    • Alyeska Ski Resort1000 Arlberg Avenue, Girdwood, AK, United States
      Baxter Jackson recommended Alyeska Ski Resort
      If you're not backcountry snowboarding and you can't afford to rent a helicopter, you'll end up at Alyeska Ski Resort. With an average of 631 inches of snowfall a year, over a thousand acres of ski ... read more
      runs and 2500 vertical drops, it's a world class resort to 'end up' at.
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      Pro 2014
      Sara Benson recommended Alyeska Ski Resort
      The closest ski resort to Anchorage is in Girdwood, and although it's not going to match what you'd find in Lake Tahoe, the fact that it's at sea level elevation makes it uniquely cool. Ski season ... read more
      usually runs from late November through early May.
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      Andrew thanked Sara Benson for this recommendation.
      Sara Benson

      If you're headed to Anchorage next month, there won't be snow to ski, sorry. But if you visit during winter, this is the closest ski resort to Anchorage.

    • Exit GlacierKenai Fjords National Park, 1212 4th Ave, Seward, AK
      Pro 2014
      Arlo Hemphill recommended Exit Glacier
      This is only glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park that you can actually reach by car from the main road. It's an amazing spectacle of ice that is a lot of fun to walk around and gain various ... read more
      perspectives from along the trail. The most impressive thing is the signage, starting several miles down road, marking the recession of the glacier over the past 100 years or so. The loss of ice due to climate change is dramatic and a valuable lesson - bringing the reality of what we are doing to the planet into sharp contrast.
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      Andrew thanked Arlo Hemphill for this recommendation.
      Arlo Hemphill

      On the way to Seward, stop off at the Exit Glacier, which is one of the only glaciers at Kenai Fjords that is easily accessible from land (and its on land, this one doesn't flow into the ocean...). Very beautiful place to hike, scramble around on boulders near the ice and to spot local wildlife.

    • Pro 2014
      Arlo Hemphill recommended Seward
      Fantastic little Alaskan port town that feels (and is) in the middle of nowhere. Wedged between massive, glacial-cut valleys and sitting on the edge of a productive ocean wilderness, alive with marine ... read more
      mammals, Seward is a tiny oasis of "civilization" amidst endless tracks of Alaskan backcountry. It's the perfect place to catch up on your fish eating, beer drinking and rebel rousing between long stretches of wilderness exploration. The place has a unique, frontier feel and mentality, so do watch your behavior. My feeling is the locals are more likely to use fists (or guns) and ask questions later if you're pulling some inappropriate drama.
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      Arlo Hemphill

      Take the scenic drive a couple hours to Seward for a world of outdoor adventures. No skiing or flying here, but plenty of sea kayaking, hiking, glacier climbing, etc. Seward is a port and the main hub for things like whale-watching, water-based tours of the glaciers, etc.

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