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  • Anegada
    Isaac Oshima
    5 Oct 10, 2012

    Arguably, the most; must visit and best beach spot in the BVI. Plunk down the money for the lobster (technically actually a huge crawfish).

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  • Anegada
    Alex Brooks
    First to Review
    3 Jul 05, 2012

    This northernmost of the British Virgin Islands isa great day-trip from Tortola. Air BVI flys the 30 minute flights out of Beef Island Airport (EIS). The airline will arrainge for a taxi to meet the plane and take you on an informal tour of The Settlement and the rest of the island. There is a wind-sheltered lagoon with its own huge, wild flock of pink flamingos. There are 2 small hotels on heir own bays who serve good food, including rare fish and shellfish trapped in these waters. The Northeast of the island faces Africa and the broad Atlantic. Anegada means "eel" in Spanish and it's tiny 16' elevation does not betray the half-dozen reefs that fan out into the Trade Winds. Frequently, you see treasure hunters out there looking for bullion from the hundreds of wrecks on the bottom. Fun but dangerous for scuba enthusiasts.

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Coral sand and some of the best lobster in the Caribbean paint a rosy picture on Anegada. A secluded island, beachside bars and hammocks welcome the weary sailor, while The Settlement, Anegada's only town, offers a few restaurants and shops. Anegada's name means the "Drowned Island," due to its extremely low elevation above sea level.

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