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    • Pro 2014
      Matthew Crompton commented on this trip

      Hi Anna-
      Not a golfer myself, but friends who have played (mostly around Adelaide) recommend West Lakes Golf Club as a good course ( Mount Compass south of Adelaide is also supposed to be good. Good luck! =)

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    • Nullarbor Links: The World's Longest Golf CourseAlong the Eyre Highway, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia to Ceduna, South Australia
      Pro 2014
      Mimosa Chloe recommended Nullarbor Links: The World's Longest Golf Course
      To be fair, I am not a golfer, but this golf course is amazing none the less. It spans from Western Australia, where you get your card, all the way to Southern Australia. You stop along the way and ... read more
      play each hole - and get a stamp for it! Each hole has a par and its own challenges, but they are all unique and fun! Highly recommended for cross country trip.
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      Mimosa Chloe

      This may not suit your trip, but it sure was fun! If you have time, I would definitely suggest it.

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