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Jul 20, 2012 - Jul 25, 2012

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    • Emma Yunyi Tan commented on this list

      I like Alexandria, it has beautiful view of Mediterranean. It feels very different from Cairo. Less harassment, people there are very friendly. The library now is a modern building, nothing much left of the ancient wonder. I would recommend Pompey pillar and the fort if you want to visit historical site. And take the bus if you are going from Cairo to Alexandria, much faster and cleaner than the train.

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    • Zora O'Neill commented on this list

      I think you'll be fine! It's not like Morsi is going to sweep in and ban booze overnight. I think it's a wait-and-see situation--if anything, Egypt will likely be a little bit more stable now for a while, now that the elections are over. I was in Egypt in the fall, and even with really serious protests going on pre-parliamentary-elections, everything was still very functional--life has to go on, even if there's a battle at Tahrir. Re: Alex: there is a strong youth revolutionary movement there (it's where Khaled Said was from), but typically since the revolution itself, the city has seen far fewer protests than Cairo has. Just keep an eye on the news while you're there, and stay away from big gatherings. You should have a great time--Egyptians will be glad to see you!

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    • Baxter Jackson recommended Tombs of Kim El-Shouqafa
      The tombs or Kim Al Shouqafa are something straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. It's the last private graveyard dedicated to the old Egyptian religion, dug and carved out during the reign of the ... read more
      Antonine Emperors, Second Century A.D. The fusion of pharaoh-nic motifs embedded in Greco-Roman stonework (and vice versa) make this place uniquely creepy cool.
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      Baxter Jackson

      Almost forgot about this place, Antone. Wicked cool!

    • Baxter Jackson commented on this list

      If you're into diving, you can see underwater ruins off the coast of Alexandria - sphinxes included. I've heard it's very lost city of Atlantis when the visibility is decent. Lots of dive shops all along the corniche can help make it happen.

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    • Mark Waldron commented on this list

      Alexandria is beautiful! The new library could easily take a day, at least 3-4 hours, definitely start with a tour, very interesting. Montazah Gardens and the harbor/sea front are also interesting. I was there for a half day and wished I'd had more time.

      Have lunch at Fish Market-Tikki Grill on the harbor; great fish and awesome views.

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    • Linda Lee commented on this list

      You're gonna have a blast! I was in Cairo last year but didn't make it to Alexandria. Heard amazing things about it though. If you have time in Cairo, hit Giza for the pyramids, the Egyptian Museum (make time to see the mummies), the bazaar esp at night... and of course I have to comment on the food -- which was delicious, lots of grilled meats, etc. They often have ful ("fool") for breakfast which is a fava bean dish mixed with various spices and eaten with pita. If you are into dessert, try om-ali (a milkier version of bread pudding). Andrea Mokattam had some delicious grilled chicken! Have a great time!

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    • Ian Peters-Campbell commented on this list

      I've heard that the library is fantastic, and the lighthouse is supposed to be wondrous.

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    • Abu el Sid157 26th Of July St.
      Traci recommended Abu el Sid
      This was a great restaurant recommended to us by our Egyptian tour guides. Authentic food, great ambiance and you can enjoy some shisha by the table (if you like). Portions are also generous!
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      If you are in Cairo, this is a great restaurant - food was very good!

    • Lighthouse of AlexandriaAlexandria, Egypt
      Traci recommended Lighthouse of Alexandria
      There isn't tons to do in Alexandria - when we were in Egypt we only took a day trip to Alexandria, but this was a must-see sight we stopped to visit after lunch. You don't need a lot of time to see ... read more
      this, but since it is one of the 7 Ancient Wonders, it's worth visiting!
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      There really isn't much to do in Alexandria itself - but if there is a great view out from here, and its a historical site!

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