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how much money i need to go in OHIO and of course the best place to go..:_)

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    • Pro 2014
      Jason Planck recommended Dayton
      If your into Aviation History then this city to visit and a must stop for everyone. you will need atleast three days to get a good understanding of the area.
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      Jason Planck

      I have been updating my recommendation about Dayton Ohio and all about Aviation History I just came back from visiting the place was a great trip

    • Bikram Subba recommended Akron
      akron one of the best place among the cities of the ohio...and great day for the summer
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    • Pro 2014
      Matthew Crompton recommended Cleveland
      My hometown, Ohio's finest city, and a place with a superb free art museum, some cool ethnic neighborhoods, and a fair amount of urban blight. Once the fifth-largest city in America, the collapse of ... read more
      the industrial economy has left the city at less than half its previous size, but it's still a very pleasant place for all its small-town feel. Skip the Rock Hall and check out the Cleveland Museum of Art (and University Circle), the fabulous Westside Market, the Great Lakes Brewing Company, and the simply astonishing Lakeview Cemetery. You'll be glad you did.
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      Matthew Crompton

      Cleveland is my first ever home (though it's been a lifetime since I've lived there), and a place I still love to visit. As I say above, go to the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Westside Market, and have a wander thru Lakeview Cemetery. Exceptional. Good luck! =)

    • Pro 2014
      Matthew Crompton recommended Ohio
      Ohio! Pride of the Midwest! Land of green fields and sturdy livestock, the call of the verdant forests and burbling streams! Lo, sweet Ohio! From the shores of Lake Erie to the great Ohio River of the ... read more
      south, you'll seldom find a land more beautiful, or endowed with friendlier smallfolk! Some say a Hoosier is best, and some say a Georgia peach, but for my money a Buckeye comes first. Visit Cleveland (the river's not flammable anymore!), visit Columbus (not a hill in sight!), or divine Cincinnati (chilli with noodles and cinnamon, egads!), but for your own sake, just go. I'd sooner accept a ticket to this jewel of the heartland than an all-expenses-paid ride to the moon!
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      Matthew Crompton

      Hi Arwena. Ohio is inexpensive, having on of the lowest costs of living in the US. The winters are snowy and cold and grey, and the summers hot and sticky, but it's where I'm from, and has some genuinely fine sights and genuinely wonderful people.

    • Jenny Perryman recommended Columbus
      Columbus,Ohio is a great place to go considering it is the capitol of ohio.It is certianly the biggest city in ohio and has lots of places to visit.I myself love columbus and would recommend it to ... read more
      anyone wanting to visit Ohio
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      Jenny Perryman

      lots of places to go and lots of things to do i would totally recommend columbus for you to go to!!!

    • Skyline Chili (Vine Street)643 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202
      Keane recommended Skyline Chili (Vine Street)
      Skyline Chili is just something you have to try if you're in Cincinnati. It's cheap, unhealthy and full of flavor (notably cloves and cinnamon and even chocolate, I think). Yes, the spices are a bit ... read more
      strange, but they totally satisfy me. The restaurant gives you enough cheese to last you several meals, though I'm certain most people just use it all. Whether you get the chili dogs or the plate of spaghetti, you're sure to leave very full.
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      Tasty and a Cincinnati staple! You don't have to use ALL the cheese if you don't want to :-)

    • Linda Gerzetich commented on this list

      dayton ohio, wright-patterson air force base, got a huge museum, about flying, it is free, definitly worth the trip

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    • William Pfister commented on this list

      pro football hall of fame in canton ohio, or the velvet icecream factory in utica ohio, or if you like shopn, go to berlin ohio lots of amish crafts n stuff

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    • Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens3400 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45220
      Pro 2014
      Arlo Hemphill recommended Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens
      One of the best zoo's in America. Fantastic conservation efforts that have a global reach. Great exhibits and animal care too.
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      Arlo Hemphill

      Another very fun thing to do in Ohio is a visit to the Cincinnati Zoo. Check it out!

    • Cedar Point Amusement Park1 Cedar Point Ave., Sandusky, OH 44870-5259
      Pro 2014
      Arlo Hemphill recommended Cedar Point Amusement Park
      It's a full scale amusement park that many people haven't heard of unless you've been to Ohio. But in Ohio, this place is legendary. A lot of fun for kids and families!
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      Arlo Hemphill

      Hi Arwena,

      The money you need will depend largely on how you plan to get to Ohio, how you'll be traveling around, and what style of food and lodging you prefer. But whatever your budget, be sure to save some money for admission in Cedar Point. This may be the funnest thing to do in all of Ohio!

    • Northstar Cafe in the Short North951 North High Street, Columbus, OH
    • The Westin Cincinnati21 E 5th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
    • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum1 Key Plaza, Cleveland, OH 44114
    • Kings Island5688 Kings Island Drive, Kings Mills, OH 45034

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