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    744 reviews

    The nite still young :). The lit up commercial buildings provide a colorful backdrop against the bridge and the river. On the foreground is a taxi ferry which transports tourists around. Nice and serene. It would even be nicer if June weather is less hot!

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    Hong Kong

    724 reviews

    Fifteen years since handover and what a city. The vibe is unmistakeable. Love it, despite the humidity, the smog and the rainy weather. But you might get lucky and on a clear day, it is glorious.

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    734 reviews

    Bangkok is one of my favourite cities in South East Asia simply because of the good food (you hardly can go wrong going to any restaurants in Bangkok), friendliness of the people (they are just naturally friendly) and excellent spas. Moving around Bangkok is now more manageable as you can also take the monorail as alternatives to taxis or tuk ...

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    453 reviews

    One of Tokyo's more vibrant and distinguished areas. A must-see just for Shibuya crossing. There are incredible restaurants here but you'll need to do a little research as most of what is accessible at street level is low quality.

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    South Korea
    526 reviews

    This is the city hall area in Seoul. You can walk along here are there are two statues. Great place to go for pictures in the middle of the city!

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    412 reviews

    Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city. Whereas Beijing has the culture and imperial history, Shanghai has a more western and progressive vibe. Thus, it makes the city a really exciting place to visit. The restaurants are amazing and the bars and clubs are really cool and worth visiting.

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    Kuala Lumpur

    460 reviews

    This is a great place to grab a bite to eat, do a bit of shopping, and watch the world go by. The mall has a good range of Asian and more western restaurants and shops. The shops seemed to be grouped largely by type of merchandise on offer. As suggested by Country Travel Mart we went to this nice ...

  • 8

    Siem Reap

    120 reviews

    Dormitory : US $ 1-5 Hotels : US $ 5-25 Food : US $ 1-6 Transport : US $ 8-20 ( Tuk tuk local transport ) Angkor Wat Ticket : US $ 20 ( 1 Day ) US $ 40 ( 3 Days ) US $ 60 ( 1 Week )

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    242 reviews

    I had the pleasure to visit Taipei for Business and was pleasantly surprised by all the things this city has to offer. Taipei has a very vibrant night life and tourists get to their taste as well. In my opinion its a shoppers Mecca, offering all kinds of things in all sorts of ways. You may find the things in ...

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    226 reviews

    Jakarta is the teeming, broiling megalopolis of my formative years. Being a expat brat at Jakarta International School (JIS), I found my fair share of mischief to get into but still found the cultural differences to be fascinating and I certainly didn't mind being called 'Tuan Jackson' (Lord Jackson). Rackino, our houseboy, Pok Pono, our gardener and Sithswardi, our driver ...

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    268 reviews

    Manila is a polarizing city -- a sprawling and undoubtedly polluted Asian capital reaching a critical point of congestion, overpopulation, and crime. Still, it has the winning Filipino heart to it, a sense of friendliness and welcome amidst the clamor, and spots like Intramuros and the Baywalk at sunset will make you happy you came. Even the seedy aspect of ...

  • 12

    New Delhi

    219 reviews

    Its beautiful India. The city is busy. There are great Hotels and the shopping is amazing. The dust is heavy and like most of India everywhere is dirty. The culinary experience in this country is a wonderland. The range and variety of dishes are never ending. Beware of the street food it can cause you problems you do not want. ...

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    139 reviews

    One of the most beautiful and mysterious cities you will visit. Great night life. Truly an amazing place. I was just there less than a month ago shooting for a client and fell in love all over again.

  • 14

    Mumbai (Bombay)

    201 reviews

    Mumbai is an amazing city that offers the great Indian cuisine tourists expect, along with the big city feel and "hip" spots one would find in London or New York. My first night there I enjoyed the pleasure of dining at the delicious Cafe Zoe (Western food) and fist-pumping the night away at a nearby club. During the day, my ...

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    103 reviews

    One of my favorite spots in Bali! Beautiful town set amongst the jungles and neon green rice paddies. Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali - full of temples, great restaurants and cool places to browse shops. It is also a great place to see some of the traditional music and dance of the island.

  • 16

    Ho Chi Minh City

    156 reviews

    I've been to a few major cities in Asia and I was surprised that HCMC was so distinctive. The French influence is obvious in the city layout, and I loved all of the large parks scattered around the city, as well as the way the locals take advantage of them. Getting around was easy because of the many inexpensive taxi ...

  • 17

    Phuket Town

    147 reviews

    the most fun ive ever had, cheap and the people are lovley ,u have to put this in your bucket list.

  • 18


    167 reviews

    Gritty, busy and not overly welcoming, and damned if it didn't charm the pants off me. You have to use your head, and I appreciate that about Hanoi. This is not a city for dummies, and it'll probably piss you off at some point as a newcomer. But I look back and I am just blown away by its unique ...

  • 19


    68 reviews

    Bandung used to be a charming city a few years ago until all these factory outlets sprung out all over the city, as a result of which it became too crowded on weekends. There are however still a few interesting places to visit around Bandung such as Tangkuban Perahu, Lembang etc - if you want to avoid those weekenders from ...

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    146 reviews

    I absolutely LOVE Macau. The Portuguese influence in culture, architecture and cuisine really make it for me. The local cuisine is fantastic, much like euro-comfort food mixed with traditional Chinese influences. You must try the egg tarts here. They are much like dim sum egg tarts, but they are burnt up on the top much like creme brulee. The historical ...

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