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    742 reviews

    This is a great destination for foodies. The street and market food culture is amazing! Arrive hungry.

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    Mumbai (Bombay)

    201 reviews

    For many people, Mumbai is the first glimpse of they'll get of India -- crowded, polluted, noisy, jumbled, confusing, fragrant, stinking, rich and poor and completely itself. If you're entering via this route, keep this in mind: Bombay is NOT India - it's an own-world, a vibrant and buzzing and intoxicating and frustrating place, like any other city of more ...

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    241 reviews

    There is much to see and do but what makes Taipei so amazing is the friendliness of the people. Just look as though you're confused or lost and someone will immediately come over and offer to help. Or, stranded without an umbrella - someone will offer you shelter under their own. It's impossible not to love the city - unless ...

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    267 reviews

    first time I joined new in bar. We invited to design room amazing. but more expensive entry ticket. from Resort Rockwell Manila

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    136 reviews

    Being Japan’s capital city in the past for over thousand years, Kyoto has a lot of cultural and historical sites (many of them being on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage sites). Temples, shrines, palaces, gardens, old and new architecture, museums, restaurants, traditional culture and much more makes this city a must-see in Japan, especially on your first visit. ...

  • 6

    Siem Reap

    120 reviews

    It’s tough to imagine a more perfect pairing: the temples of Angkor, and the lovely tourist town of Siem Reap. After spending a long day in the heat taking in what is arguably the world’s finest temple complex, the excellent restaurants, bars, and laid-back vibe of Siem Reap are just the thing to fortify you for another awesome sunrise out ...

  • 7


    103 reviews

    Even five minutes in Ubud will let you know that Elizabeth Gilbert was living a pretty shi-shi existence in Eat Pray Love. For one, it's crawling with white people. For another, prices in boutiques and restaurants approach those back in the West. Still, it's a very difficult place not to like -- it's clean (well, clean-ish), chic, and arty, with ...

  • 8

    Hong Kong

    722 reviews

    Known as Asia's world city and one of my favorite cities outside of the US! You can get around on English in this beautiful city. So much to do, see and eat! HK has one of the most incredible skylines in the world. Must visit!

  • 9


    733 reviews

    Bangkok had nice people and many areas to eat and sleep. If you didn't pay attention though, some tuk tuks will rip you off or take you to places you hadn't planned on going to. Taxis are super cheap and it's the best way to get around other than walking by foot. Starting at 35 baht for a taxi ride. ...

  • 10


    94 reviews

    One of my favorite cities in all of Asia, and my favorite place to eat in the world, Penang is the real deal. Its UNESCO world Heritage status hasn't gone to its head, and it remains an authentic city with a thriving local culture.

  • 11

    Ho Chi Minh City

    156 reviews

    For the uninitiated, crossing the street in Saigon is pretty terrifying. Scooters upon scooters upon scooters come at you from every direction honking, buzzing and yelling in frantic Vietnamese. The result is a jumble of scooters, cars, vans, busses and cyclos mixed into a lawless free for all where only the craziest gets ahead. It doesn’t make for the most ...

  • 12


    80 reviews

    Once an anchor on the infamous overlander's trail in the 1960's and 70's, Kathmandu's days of 10 rupee beds and ad hoc hippie communes may be over, but not so far past that you can't still see their legacy. Kathmandu is the classic traveller's city: extremely cheap, wonderfully scenic, and chock full of the comforts of home. Any kind of ...

  • 13


    163 reviews

    A scenic city with green landscapes, a misty lake, cafes, and European-style buildings, Hanoi has a mix of Southeast Asian frenetic chaos with moments of calm serenity.

  • 14

    Phuket Town

    146 reviews

    the most fun ive ever had, cheap and the people are lovley ,u have to put this in your bucket list.

  • 15


    524 reviews

    Woodstock music bar in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam -- hard to find, but a real gem, since it's a real bar, but not the typical expat bar. My understanding is that it was started out of pure love for the music - blues and rock - and that spirit still gives the place its unique character. (

  • 16

    Chiang Mai

    128 reviews

    Chiang Mai is incredibly popular with backpackers and digital nomads for a reason--you can't beat it. Lots of culture, inexpensive cost of living, excellent food, lots of shopping, reliable Wi-Fi, tasty coffee, touristic sights, local life. The gateway to northern Thailand.

  • 17


    452 reviews

    An amazing city to see! Growing up outside of New York City Tokyo is the only place in the world I've ever been with a similar feel to NYC. There are so many unique things this city has to offer I can't even begin to list them all here.

  • 18

    Kuala Lumpur

    459 reviews

    Kuala Lumpur (KL to the locals) is a sultry yet sanitized mish-mash of Indian, Chinese and Malay cultures. For a predominantly Muslim country, it's wildly tolerant (pork products are readily available in Chinatown), easy to scoot about capital city with lots of distractions including outstanding nightlife, cinemas, cultural events and massage parlors galore.

  • 19


    543 reviews

    Capital of China, Beijing is a wonderful place to visit when you tour the Motherland. The city is huge and there's lots to see. A superb blend of modern architecture and the old/ancient (The Hutongs) makes Beijing a very unique city. Lots of cultural sites to see, including the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, etc.

  • 20


    85 reviews

    Bustling and noisy would be the two words I describe this town. Laden with little shops selling all kinds of souvenirs, it also hosts the largest festivals local Balinese celebrate. Plenty of nice hotels and nicer beaches to go to!

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