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    122 reviews

    Incredible country with unparalleled diversity of cast, creed and faith. India with its rich topographical and cultural diversity is a place woth visiting. There are hills, beaches, islands and deserts. India with its extreme diversity offers myriad experience to the travelers. India is home to several wildlife sanctuaries which are home to some rare and endangered species of plant and ...

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    149 reviews

    A bit of a cheat this one as I can’t recommend Thailand as an adventure destination without also giving a massive thumbs up to the entire region of South-East Asia, but Thailand is the best place to start, offering just the right levels of crazy, danger and fun to make a truly unforgettable adventure. The chaotic, sprawling city of Bangkok ...

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    Sri Lanka

    50 reviews

    It was very tempting to put India on this list as even buying a train ticket in India is an adventure in itself, but Sri Lanka has pipped it to the post by being compact enough to explore in a couple of weeks, but fascinating enough to keep budding adventurers like yourself going back year after year. Exploring the sacred ...

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    16 reviews

    Beautiful, undeveloped, laid-back Laos, with its fabulously kind and welcoming folk, may just be the sweetest country in SE Asia. Each and every place I visited in the country qualified as a highlight. It's fantastically cheap, with great food and lovely countryside, but it's the supreme goodness of its people that set it apart. Spend a week letting the slow ...

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    49 reviews

    The Best Things to Do In Vietnam #6 -- Access ethic tribal minorities at villages nestled in the lush hills near Sapa, and share a cup of tea with locals in their rustic mountain homes. #5 -- Hanoi city tour to the Old Quarter & enjoy Hanoi street food. #4 -- Take a private cooking class with a gourmet chef ...

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    23 reviews

    Myanmar is a country changing fast. It's recently opened up to mainstream tourism and at the current moment can barely keep up with the demand. There are some beautiful places to visit, but the biggest joy of visiting is probably the people of Myanmar, some of the friendliest I've met.

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    14 reviews

    The ban on television was lifted a good few years ago, so now the good people of Bhutan can be as miserable as the rest of us while enduring the latest talent(less) show or soap opera that’s being pumped into their homes like a great big digital fart. But happily – and take note good hippies of the road – ...

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    3 reviews

    You want an adventure that’s a little off the beaten track? How about a place that few people can even pronounce, let alone spell? Step forward Kyrgyzstan: Central Asia in a nutshell. Isolated, landlocked and mountainous, this is the place to really get away from it all. The Kyrgyz people take hospitality very seriously, so you’ll be made to feel ...

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    68 reviews

    Like Dubai, Singapore is a tightly regulated society where you can let your hair down, but only behind closed doors. The Singapore government is not averse to chopping the heads off drug-dealers, so openly flouting even a minor law is not recommended, lest you fancy a trip to the local cop shop and a whopping great fine. Most people know ...

  • 10


    117 reviews

    I love the islands. I have never come to a place with so many beautiful beaches in my life. There are so many things to do in Philippines for all kinds of people. My favorite thing to do is to relax on a beach and enjoy how friendly the locals are, and trust me they are the friendliest and nicest ...

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    88 reviews

    What an experience of a lifetime, visiting Malaysia, especially the islands. You get to see many cultures as Malaysia is inhabited by Chinese Malaysians, Indian Malaysians and Malay Malaysians. Which each have their own sub culture within this enormous culture. You will have no trouble travelling as there is abundance of public transport, trains buses the taxi's are very expensive ...

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    127 reviews

    Hands down one of the most unique places in the world. Japan, to say the least, has a style all it's own! The special blend of modern and traditional achieved by these people is truly one of a kind. The cities are bustling, the countryside is spectacular and the you could not find kinder people.

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    31 reviews

    Nepal Is a popular tourist destination, most popular for adventure, trekking & sightseeing.

  • 14


    126 reviews

    China, once an exotic locale for traders and merchants is now one of the super countries of the world. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, China welcomes you with open arms. Some notes on the country itself: You will need a visa to enter into china. Get that done before buying your flight (essential) just to make sure ...

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    77 reviews

    We couldn't agree more with Matthew Crompton. Indonesia has varies tourist destinations. From West to East, from Aceh to Papua. And it's not just Bali. You can find more about Indonesia, the travel and tips, in our website It's your window to exploring Indonesia!

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    42 reviews

    Although I only spent a week in Cambodia, it remains as one of my favorite countries. Genuinely friendly people left a lasting impression on me. And of course the splendor of the temples of Angkor cannot be debated.

  • 17

    South Korea

    70 reviews

    Stayed in Mapo for the first night, then started my program at YONSEI which is in the sinchon area. it's a great area, obviously not the MOST exciting but since it was new to me it was a great place to go to with friends and explore when classes were over, spent a lot of time at Barfly and Yaletown ...

  • 18


    45 reviews

    Maldives is the best place if you want a relaxing time on the beach or love snorkeling / diving. The white sandy beaches with turquoise lagoons and azure blue skies makes you wonder is this is actual paradise :)

  • 19


    11 reviews

    Mongolia deserves to be admired because of its beauty, nature and people. It is one of the very few countries where ways of living have not changed for centuries - especially on the country side, with the exception of some electronics and motorbikes/cards. The people still move from one place to another, having a Nomad lifestyle, yet they are contented. ...

  • 20


    5 reviews

    Armenia is a very rewarding travel destination. Very few travelers make it there. The highlight is undoubtedly meeting the people of Armenia who are very curious and willing to strike up a conversation with any foreigner who is interested enough in their country to travel there. There are also some incredible, remote monasteries to visit. Armenia has one of the ...

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