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    122 reviews

    Incredible country with unparalleled diversity of cast, creed and faith. India with its rich topographical and cultural diversity is a place woth visiting. There are hills, beaches, islands and deserts. India with its extreme diversity offers myriad experience to the travelers. India is home to several wildlife sanctuaries which are home to some rare and endangered species of plant and ...

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    23 reviews

    Myanmar is a country changing fast. It's recently opened up to mainstream tourism and at the current moment can barely keep up with the demand. There are some beautiful places to visit, but the biggest joy of visiting is probably the people of Myanmar, some of the friendliest I've met.

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    126 reviews

    Japan is a large country to visit. The dense population means that even a small area offers a wide variety of experiences and environments. Aspects seem familiar to a North American but other aspects are totally foreign. Researching before you visit is a good idea, and speaking a little Japanese helps grease the social wheels.

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    40 reviews

    This place made me feel at home despite being a brief traveler, the infectious down to earth quality grants Taiwan tremendous appeal. Taiwan has the best of street foods and night markets; beautiful, undisturbed views of the mountains and the sea just a hour away from Taipei city; cutesie hobbie imports from Japan and high end fashion brands from Europe; ...

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    149 reviews

    Tremendous diversity and amazing mass appeal await you in Thailand. Lovely beaches in the south, a thriving capital city, friendly rural areas and adventurous mountain regions are each appealling for in their own ways. I enjoy the off-the-beaten path rural villages where daily life goes on largely uninfluenced by the tourist industry. Yes, plenty such places exist in Thailand if ...

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    49 reviews

    The Best Things to Do In Vietnam #6 -- Access ethic tribal minorities at villages nestled in the lush hills near Sapa, and share a cup of tea with locals in their rustic mountain homes. #5 -- Hanoi city tour to the Old Quarter & enjoy Hanoi street food. #4 -- Take a private cooking class with a gourmet chef ...

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    31 reviews

    Gorgeous mountains. Kind people. Spectacular food. Nepal has something for everyone -- only downside is that too many people now know this and the number of tourists can sometimes be stifling. A spectacular country. Find your own path and Nepal will reward.

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    16 reviews

    Beautiful, undeveloped, laid-back Laos, with its fabulously kind and welcoming folk, may just be the sweetest country in SE Asia. Each and every place I visited in the country qualified as a highlight. It's fantastically cheap, with great food and lovely countryside, but it's the supreme goodness of its people that set it apart. Spend a week letting the slow ...

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    45 reviews

    Maldives is the best place if you want a relaxing time on the beach or love snorkeling / diving. The white sandy beaches with turquoise lagoons and azure blue skies makes you wonder is this is actual paradise :)

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    8 reviews

    Georgia is a small country with a lot of diverse offerings. From sub-tropical Black Sea coast to alpine mountains to wine country to bubbling hot springs to ancient villages to multiple nationalities/languages to breakaway territories. The Georgian people are hospitable and curious and friendly to foreigners. This is the cradle of world wine making and a fantasticly rewarding place to ...

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    5 reviews

    Armenia is a very rewarding travel destination. Very few travelers make it there. The highlight is undoubtedly meeting the people of Armenia who are very curious and willing to strike up a conversation with any foreigner who is interested enough in their country to travel there. There are also some incredible, remote monasteries to visit. Armenia has one of the ...

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    3 reviews

    You want an adventure that’s a little off the beaten track? How about a place that few people can even pronounce, let alone spell? Step forward Kyrgyzstan: Central Asia in a nutshell. Isolated, landlocked and mountainous, this is the place to really get away from it all. The Kyrgyz people take hospitality very seriously, so you’ll be made to feel ...

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    126 reviews

    China is the first country I ever traveled to and despite my reservations regarding its government, I absolute love Zhongguo (it's China's name in Chinese and means "middle kingdom"). The food is diverse, varied, and delicious. The landscape is overwhelmingly vast and the people while reserved are very friendly and hospitable to foreigners.

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    77 reviews

    Indonesia! The rupiah is currently weak which means more value for your money. Click here to view photos of Indonesia: It's a HUGE country though spanning 3 time zones and 17 thousand islands. I've personally backpacked Java and Bali, South Sulawesi, and Timor--all beautiful regions with beautiful characteristics of their own. Java is the cheapest but rich in history--cultural, ...

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    88 reviews

    What an experience of a lifetime, visiting Malaysia, especially the islands. You get to see many cultures as Malaysia is inhabited by Chinese Malaysians, Indian Malaysians and Malay Malaysians. Which each have their own sub culture within this enormous culture. You will have no trouble travelling as there is abundance of public transport, trains buses the taxi's are very expensive ...

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    68 reviews

    Granted, Singapore has an obnoxious government. Its meddlesome approach to personal freedoms and perceived social ills is irritating at best, and shades of totalitarianism at its worst. Still, no one on Earth is well-governed, and acknowledging that fact, one quickly finds that Singapore is a very easy place to like: clean, beautiful, and safe, with loads of interesting sights and ...

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    South Korea

    69 reviews

    Though this tiny peninsular nation (effectively an island cut off from the mainland by a hostile N. Korea) constitutes the 11th-largest economy in the world, and produces more electronic high technology than countries a hundred times its size, South Korea is a place largely off the tourist map, and shockingly little-known. It might be that Korea is a classic "insider's" ...

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    41 reviews

    While Thailand and Vietnam get all the Southeast Asian press, the lovely nation of Cambodia often gets overlooked. Few ever go beyond the dark reputation of Phnom Penh's infamous Tuol Sleng prison and the Killing Fields, or 'must-see' reputation of the temples of Angkor in the north. Some travellers even skip the country entirely, choosing to devote more time to ...

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    Sri Lanka

    50 reviews

    Easily one of the most charming and underrated destinations in Asia, the tiny island of Sri Lanka (it's about the size of Ireland, but produces fewer hard-drinking novelists) packs an amazing -- and amazingly diverse -- range of attractions into its easily-traversed mass. With lovely, breezy beaches from Bentota in the west to Mirissa in the south to Arugam Bay ...

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    117 reviews

    A semi-tropical archipelago of some 8000 islands, the Philippines are an absolute highlight of SE Asia. Stunning mountains, gorgeous beaches, a unique blend of Spanish and Asian cultures, and some of the nicest people anywhere in the world. Best of all? The crowds from Thailand or Bali are nowhere to be found. Get outside the tourist enclaves in Boracay or ...

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