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    149 reviews

    Tremendous diversity and amazing mass appeal await you in Thailand. Lovely beaches in the south, a thriving capital city, friendly rural areas and adventurous mountain regions are each appealling for in their own ways. I enjoy the off-the-beaten path rural villages where daily life goes on largely uninfluenced by the tourist industry. Yes, plenty such places exist in Thailand if ...

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    126 reviews

    Japan is a large country to visit. The dense population means that even a small area offers a wide variety of experiences and environments. Aspects seem familiar to a North American but other aspects are totally foreign. Researching before you visit is a good idea, and speaking a little Japanese helps grease the social wheels.

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    122 reviews

    Incredible country with unparalleled diversity of cast, creed and faith. India with its rich topographical and cultural diversity is a place woth visiting. There are hills, beaches, islands and deserts. India with its extreme diversity offers myriad experience to the travelers. India is home to several wildlife sanctuaries which are home to some rare and endangered species of plant and ...

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    Sri Lanka

    50 reviews

    It was very tempting to put India on this list as even buying a train ticket in India is an adventure in itself, but Sri Lanka has pipped it to the post by being compact enough to explore in a couple of weeks, but fascinating enough to keep budding adventurers like yourself going back year after year. Exploring the sacred ...

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    23 reviews

    Myanmar is a country changing fast. It's recently opened up to mainstream tourism and at the current moment can barely keep up with the demand. There are some beautiful places to visit, but the biggest joy of visiting is probably the people of Myanmar, some of the friendliest I've met.

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    126 reviews

    Chaotic, peaceful, loud, silent, colorful, and serene. China has it all!

  • 7

    South Korea

    69 reviews

    Though this tiny peninsular nation (effectively an island cut off from the mainland by a hostile N. Korea) constitutes the 11th-largest economy in the world, and produces more electronic high technology than countries a hundred times its size, South Korea is a place largely off the tourist map, and shockingly little-known. It might be that Korea is a classic "insider's" ...

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    41 reviews

    While Thailand and Vietnam get all the Southeast Asian press, the lovely nation of Cambodia often gets overlooked. Few ever go beyond the dark reputation of Phnom Penh's infamous Tuol Sleng prison and the Killing Fields, or 'must-see' reputation of the temples of Angkor in the north. Some travellers even skip the country entirely, choosing to devote more time to ...

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    31 reviews

    Gorgeous, colorful, diverse, and cheap, Nepal is a highlight of independent travel in Asia. Check out the medieval quarters of Kathmandu or Patan, circumambulate the enormous Boudhanath stupa, or trek to Everest Base Camp. Few countries on earth are more blessed with stunning natural beauty than Nepal, even if it's also firmly on the tourist trail.

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    8 reviews

    Georgia is a small country with a lot of diverse offerings. From sub-tropical Black Sea coast to alpine mountains to wine country to bubbling hot springs to ancient villages to multiple nationalities/languages to breakaway territories. The Georgian people are hospitable and curious and friendly to foreigners. This is the cradle of world wine making and a fantasticly rewarding place to ...

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    5 reviews

    Armenia is a very rewarding travel destination. Very few travelers make it there. The highlight is undoubtedly meeting the people of Armenia who are very curious and willing to strike up a conversation with any foreigner who is interested enough in their country to travel there. There are also some incredible, remote monasteries to visit. Armenia has one of the ...

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    49 reviews

    The vietnam coffee is delicious and food also very tasty and healthy.

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    68 reviews

    For savvy travelers, one would have to visit Singapore at least once. For foodies out there, you'll have a gastronomic feast with all the delicious plates they have to offer. I'd definitely go back for another visit sometime soon.

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    77 reviews

    My lovely country, explore the beautiful natural and cultural that we have, from Aceh, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Jawa, Yogyakarta to Papua. Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

  • 15


    88 reviews

    The island in sabah is most beutiful in asia... great view.. will going for honeymoon there..

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    40 reviews

    A country whose population has to be among the world's friendliest and most helpful Taiwan also excels at quality food. There is a lot to see in Taipei but I would straggly recommend going to other parts of Taiwan such as Taroko National Park, Hualien and Teitung.

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    22 reviews

    It is The BeSt CouNtrY in The WholE worLd havIng All minerals in LarGe QuanTitY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! BecAuSe of Bad PoliTiciaNs OuR cOunTry Is ruinEd......:-(

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    16 reviews

    It is pretty unbelievable how from the river islets of the far south to the lush green mountains of the the far north, there is not really an inch of this country that does not qualify as stunning scenery. Laos has so much to offer for appreciators of nature and adventurers. You can ride tubes down rivers passing limestone karsts, ...

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    45 reviews

    Private speedboat or seaplane drops guests onto a droplet of white sand anchored amidst luminescent azure waters. Multiple award-winning Hufaven Fushi is an uber-stylish Maldives trendsetter. Being massaged to the rhythm of the reef, in the world’s first underwater spa, is surreal. My highlight is swimming to breakfast from my plush overwater villa, with infinity pool, alongside friendly reef shark ...

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    117 reviews

    nice to go Philippines a soon as you really tourist pot around the country.

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