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    China is the first country I ever traveled to and despite my reservations regarding its government, I absolute love Zhongguo (it's China's name in Chinese and means "middle kingdom"). The food is diverse, varied, and delicious. The landscape is overwhelmingly vast and the people while reserved are very friendly and hospitable to foreigners.

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    Incredible country with unparalleled diversity of cast, creed and faith. India with its rich topographical and cultural diversity is a place woth visiting. There are hills, beaches, islands and deserts. India with its extreme diversity offers myriad experience to the travelers. India is home to several wildlife sanctuaries which are home to some rare and endangered species of plant and ...

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    Thailand is beautiful. It should be on everyone's places to go before they die. Bangkok - the main city - very modern and urban! Kinda like NY but with MORE traffic. There are SkyTrains to use now, but still... not everywhere. Chiang Mai - very nature and cooler than Thailand. They have the most nature based areas and greenery. They ...

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    I really enjoyed Japan. Unfortunately we only had 5 days here and spent it all in Tokyo. It is on our list to go back. Not a cheap destination by any means but well worth it, the food and the people were fantastic.

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    South Korea

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    The food is amazing! The best beef you'll ever have. Must try the kimchi if you like spicy food.

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    It is pretty unbelievable how from the river islets of the far south to the lush green mountains of the the far north, there is not really an inch of this country that does not qualify as stunning scenery. Laos has so much to offer for appreciators of nature and adventurers. You can ride tubes down rivers passing limestone karsts, ...

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    45 reviews

    Maldives is the best place if you want a relaxing time on the beach or love snorkeling / diving. The white sandy beaches with turquoise lagoons and azure blue skies makes you wonder is this is actual paradise :)

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    If you are thinking even a little bit about visiting Burma: do not walk, RUN to the airport and get on the next available plane. Ever since the release of Aung San Suu Kyi in late 2010 the country has been steadily opening to the rest of the world and, as a result, tourism is booming. There are still considerably ...

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    Georgia is a small country with a lot of diverse offerings. From sub-tropical Black Sea coast to alpine mountains to wine country to bubbling hot springs to ancient villages to multiple nationalities/languages to breakaway territories. The Georgian people are hospitable and curious and friendly to foreigners. This is the cradle of world wine making and a fantasticly rewarding place to ...

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    its more fun in philippines. specialy on davao. i travel already on cebu city, naga city. pasay city. amf i want to travel all the cities in philippines couse i love philippines...xD haha .. :)

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    My Town

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    One of the most amazing countries on the planet and, somehow, virtually undiscovered by Americans. This is the place to live out your Arabian Nights fantasy. The architecture is incredible. The corruption can be a nuisance but it is part of the adventure. The State Department doesn't quite do the place justice in its consular information sheets -- be sure ...

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    What an experience of a lifetime, visiting Malaysia, especially the islands. You get to see many cultures as Malaysia is inhabited by Chinese Malaysians, Indian Malaysians and Malay Malaysians. Which each have their own sub culture within this enormous culture. You will have no trouble travelling as there is abundance of public transport, trains buses the taxi's are very expensive ...

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    If you love culture tourism, this is the best place in the world to visit.

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    For such a pocket-sized package, Singapore sure can throw a punch. Once a nation of hookers, drug dealers, and not so savory characters, Singapore's history before the 20th century had been one of occupation. After WWII, Singapore became its own free nation, resulting in the third strongest GDP in the world, one of the largest ports in the world, and ...

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    Sri Lanka

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    This small island, in my point of view is the most beautiful in the world, the wildlife, the amazing beaches and surrounding ocean, to top it off this island is packed with fantastic hotels (each with something unique). This overall is a perfect holiday destination for anyone who enjoys a fabulous holiday. I also thought the picture of the elephants ...

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    The ban on television was lifted a good few years ago, so now the good people of Bhutan can be as miserable as the rest of us while enduring the latest talent(less) show or soap opera that’s being pumped into their homes like a great big digital fart. But happily – and take note good hippies of the road – ...

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