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    116 reviews

    Athens ancient treasure is one of the most important archaeological sights still standing, reminiscent of our heritage, democracy and architectural wonder of the world, really worth your time visiting.

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    103 reviews

    There is a little coffee shop on the corner and a small store that is managed by an old woman who sells furs. Great place in the evening walking down the cobbled stones on the back road and then seeing the Pathetnon in the distance is amazing

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    New Acropolis Museum

    36 reviews

    Acropolis deserves to have such a unique museum and finally it got it! The New Acropolis Museum is an impressive building itself but the most important is that you'll have the chance to navigate through ages of the Ancient Greek History, see with your own eyes everything you used to learn at school and feel the vibe of Ancient Athens ...

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    Temple of Olympian Zeus

    37 reviews

    You can almost envision a larger than life representation of Zeus striding between these huge marble columns. Many of them have collapsed and lie in marble discs on the ground, but the remaining pillars stretch toward the pantheon.

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    Panathenaic Stadium

    33 reviews

    Still standing after over a hundred years since the first modern games, this stadium displays the ultimate spirit of sportsmanship where the prowness of the athletes took center stage without distractions of bells and whistles. Just the athletes competing and the spectators who come to cheer for them.

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    Odeon of Herodes Atticus

    27 reviews

    Odeon of Herodes Atticus is one of the best ancient theatres to visit in Athens. It has the most remnants standing, it's currently still in use for local entertainment, and the view from top is breathtaking.

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    Ancient Agora

    27 reviews

    generally the whole syntagma-acropolis-monastiraki area is a MUST.

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  • 8

    Mount Lycabettus

    22 reviews

    If you are looking for a breathtaking panoramic view of Athens, then you should visit Mount Lycabettus and especially reach its peak. The view to the city is unique and there you'll have the chance to have a coffee or a soda to relax and enjoy the view. You can use a car to reach the Mount but if you ...

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    Parliament Building

    34 reviews

    Really not that impressive. We were looking for it left and right without realizing that we were right in front of the Parliament Building, because it is so ordinary. There is a little square in front of it and that square is filled with pigeons. I don't remember seeing a whole lot of people hanging around there. I think the ...

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    National Archaeological Museum

    23 reviews

    The National Archaeological Museum is a wonder that not enough people see when in Athens. It is in a bit of a sketchy neighborhood but taking a 10 minute taxi ride is well worth the cost. If you are a history buff this is the greatest collection that exists in Greece.

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    Temple of Hephaestus

    23 reviews

    The location proposed by Gogobot is imprecise. Have a look at the following link to get a better idea of the location plus photos:

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    Monastiraki Flea Market

    23 reviews

    This is a great place where to spend a few hours, as it is a day market and quite large. It is a flea market but also a place where you can find great leather goods and leather sandals hand made. The prices vary and you can actually find very good deals. Prices can be negotiated and you can find ...

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    Syntagma Square

    22 reviews

    nice and roomy lots of places

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    15 reviews

    This is where every tourist ends up. Plaka is what foreigners think of when they remember Greece. It is full of restaurants and cafes.Has museums and loads of restaurants. I would encourage you to maybe look at restaurants on the fringe of Plaka. You will find that the food is better and less expensive. A "must see" is the neighborhood ...

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    Cape Sounion

    15 reviews

    The main attraction in Cape Sounion is the Temple of Poseidon - and it's stunning. Ideally, try to be there at sunset for breathtaking vistas. There is also a nice cafe there to enjoy a drink or a bite - with a view of the temple beyond.

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    Lykavittos Hill

    12 reviews

    very nice place !

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    Μουσείο Ακρόπολης

    12 reviews

    The old museum is no longer in use but has been transformed to a place for restoration, as the new one is hosting the whole amount of the exhibits.

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  • 18

    Hadrian's Arch

    13 reviews

    Arch of Hadrian

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  • 19

    Benaki Museum

    11 reviews

    One of the best museums of Athens

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  • 20

    Athens, Greece

    10 reviews

    What can I say about my home town that hasn't already been said? Athens is cosmopolitan, friendly, upscale, poor, full of graffiti, delicious and most of all UNFORGETTABLE! For all of those reasons. There is no where you can go so full of history, tasty food and unique experiences. I love everything about this bustling town, especially the chaos and ...

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