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Georgian Terrace Hotel

659 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30308
Thomas Dale's rating: 5
Atlanta history buffs seeking the full historic experience might do well to stay at one of the city’s most well recognized historic hotels: The Georgian Terrace. Located across the street from the Fox Theatre, the pair have held a strong historic relationship since the theatre first opened in 1929, and many of the hotel’s most important historic events were tied to the Fox. During Gone With the Wind’s premier in Atlanta, much of the movie’s cast and the director stayed at the Terrace, and the film’s premiere party was held at the hotel. In 1946, Walt Disney stayed at the hotel during the premiere of his movie Song of the South. Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Warren Harding have stayed at the Terrace. Recently, many modern film and television stars have frequently made use of the hotel with Atlanta’s growing film and television industry.
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