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Margaret Mitchell House & Museum

990 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30309-3901
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The Margaret Mitchell House, located on Peachtree Street in midtown Atlanta, was built in 1899 and served as an apartment building for the majority of its life until it was abandoned in 1978. Atlanta author Margaret Mitchell and her husband lived in Apartment 1 of the ten apartment building during 1925, when she wrote Gone With the Wind. But it wasn’t until relatively recently that the house was opened to the public – the building was not completely restored until 1997. Visitors today can enter Apartment 1, which has been closely restored to how it appeared when occupied by Mitchell, including the famous lead-lined window she was said to gaze out of while writing the novel. Much of the rest of the building has been converted into a Gone With the Wind museum, dedicated to Mitchell’s life and her motivation in creating the novel. An adjacent building, included with admission, deals in the making of the 1939 Gone With the Wind film.
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