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What are some places to eat that are comparable to Coast?

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Ramona Flume recommended Husk
Husk 76 Queen St., Charleston, SC
Centrally located in historic downtown, Husk is Charleston's newest offering from James Beard Award-winning Chef Sean Brock and was even named "Best New Restaurant in America" by Bon App├ętit Magazine. ... read more
Every dish here is sourced locally and "if it doesn't come from the South, it's not coming through the door." A large blackboard at the front of the restaurant lists all of their seasonal dishes and where exactly they were grown or cultivated. Everything is fresh, innovative and sure to change your entire perspective of what it's like to eat in Charleston, South Carolina. Don't miss the fried chicken skins as an appetizer! Warm, crispy and served with a honey barbeque dipping sauce. Now that's some good ol fashioned Southern cooking!
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Ramona Flume

Hi Erik! There are several great options for seafood and Southern cuisine in Charleston, but Husk is my absolute favorite!

Jenny Layne Cardon recommended Magnolia's
Magnolia's185 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401
Great atmosphere and location in the heart of East Bay, Magnolia delivers in service, class and Southern cuisine.
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Jenny Layne Cardon recommended Charleston Grill
Charleston Grill224 King St, Charleston, SC 29401
A beyond exceptional dining experience where you will be treated like gold.
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Jenny Layne Cardon recommended FIG
FIG232 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401
Classy/ trendy restaurant fit for foodies and incredibly American nouveau cuisine. Delicious seafood and lovely atmosphere.
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Jenny Layne Cardon recommended Tristan - Charleston
Tristan - Charleston55 S Market St, Charleston, SC 29401
Fantastic restaurant in the French quarter with impeccable service, upscale trendy atmosphere... delicious meal: grouper I had was excellent. Smoked chocolate parfait was incredible for dessert.
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Hyo-Joo Han recommended Basil Thai Cuisine
Basil Thai Cuisine460 King St, Charleston, SC 29403
My favorite one in Charleston, SC. Great dining setting and excellent service and food.
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Erin K recommended Poogan's Porch Restaurant
Poogan's Porch Restaurant72 Queen St, Charleston, SC 29401
I'm jumping on the crab soup fan train after eating here. I'm usually not a fan of crab, but it wasn't too overpowering and was perfect for a cold winter night. They also serve a really great pork ... read more
chop and grilled brussel sprouts, and my John Daly was mixed to perfection. Unfortunately I couldn't try their bourbon pecan pie because earlier diners had gobbled it all up, but I'll save that for my next trip.
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Erin K

Poogan's Porch and Husk were my two favorite restaurants in can't go wrong eating at either of these places!

Erin K recommended Blossom
Blossom171 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401
Trying to find a non-ritzy restaurant in downtown Charleston that still serves fantastic food was a little tricky - especially on a Sunday, when everyone seems to come to the area after church dressed ... read more
to the nines and expecting a fine dining experience. But we found a solution in Blossom, which offered both casual booths and tableclothed tables and served brunch until 4. My vegetarian scramble - served in a little skillet and boasting mushrooms, artichokes, arugula and a variety of cheeses - was rich and fulfilling, though it's small portion size didn't leave me too stuffed. It came with a side of some of the most perfectly cooked potatoes I've ever had (really, they were just crunchy enough on the outside while still soft on the inside, and a beautifully colored golden brown). I sampled some of my family's dishes, too: brioche french toast (light and fluffy), fruit salad (tons of ripe melon chunks), and huevos rancheros (spicy!). Our food came out quickly, which is always appreciated, and the prices compared to some other venerable restaurants downtown were a welcome relief.
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Regina Yost recommended Charleston
Charleston Grill
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Regina Yost

The Charleston Grill downtown is an amazing (and very expensive) restaurant. The food is so good it is like eating art. Every night there are live jazz performances with the finest jazz musicians in Charleston. I highly recommend it!

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