Baja Studios

Carretera Libre Tijuana - Ensenada Kilometro 32.8, Rosarito Popotla, Rosarito Beach Municipality, Baja California, Mexico
3 reviews

Take a tour of Fox Studios Baja. Originally built for the filming of "Titanic" and is still used for movie making today.

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19 Results
  • 1
    3.65 mi

    Los Arcos

    3.65 mi from Baja Studios
    1 review

    Awesome restaurant

  • 2
    6.59 mi

    Puerto Nuevo

    6.59 mi from Baja Studios
    5 reviews

    A short drive south from Rosarito Beach, this small town is known for lobster and fresh seafood. There are many restaurants and the locals are very dependent on tourism and will try their best to earn your business. There is a "fancier" restaurant located in the southwestern corner of the town-square that overlooks the water (indoor and outdoor seating available). ...

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  • 3
    9.68 mi

    Splash Cantina

    9.68 mi from Baja Studios
    4 reviews

    great spot!

    Popular withNightlifeFoodies
  • 4
    5.55 mi

    Villa Ortega

    5.55 mi from Baja Studios
    3 reviews

    Puerto Nuevo's most popular restaurant for lobster.

    Popular withLocalFoodiesFamilies
  • 5
    15.69 mi

    Dinastía 12

    15.69 mi from Baja Studios
    2 reviews
  • 6
    6.89 mi

    Pancake Republic Restaurant

    6.89 mi from Baja Studios
    3 reviews

    Nice breakfast place. the waffles are awesome. their peach syrup isn't sweet, but fruitful. you almost don't notice it there. the fresh orange juice is just right. not to busy before 9:30/10.

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  • 7
    16.01 mi

    La Diferencia

    16.01 mi from Baja Studios
    1 review

    I tasted their Chiles en Nogada.. it was amazing. Stuffed poblano pepper with meats, nuts, and spices topped with a white nogada sauce and pomagranite seeds and cilantro. Represents the mexican colors: red, green and white.. so delish. There were others during the festival and all tasting a bit different.

  • 8
    15.62 mi

    Cebicheria Erizo

    15.62 mi from Baja Studios
    1 review

    Real Fresh Sea Food.

  • 9
    14.82 mi

    Cervejaria Gazela

    14.82 mi from Baja Studios
    1 review

    My favorite hot dogs in the world. You will only see locals here, and I am not sure if the waiters speak english, but here is not much need. There is only a balcon and if you say one they will serve you the signature best seller dish, a kind of hot dog with hot sauce that is toasted in ...

  • 10
    14.81 mi

    Tortillas de Harina Pueblo Amigo. THPA Hipódromo

    14.81 mi from Baja Studios

    YOU HAVE TO TRY THE DIFFERENT FLAVOR TORTILLAS THEY HAVE. Cheese Chipotle Jalapeño Regular And as Pastry the Buñuelo. With sugar and cinamon. DELICIOUS.

  • 11
    15.69 mi


    15.69 mi from Baja Studios


  • 12
    15.34 mi

    Paella y Antojitos Mexicanos Garibaldi

    15.34 mi from Baja Studios
    1 review


  • 13
    15.96 mi

    Cantina De Los Remedios &Resta

    15.96 mi from Baja Studios
    1 review

    Excellent food!

  • 14
    15.07 mi


    15.07 mi from Baja Studios
    1 review
  • 15
    14.58 mi

    La Fonda Resort & Spa

    14.58 mi from Baja Studios
    1 review

    Best overall restaurant experience. Great steaks, fowl and fish with a mexican flair. Beautiful sunset oceanfront patio and a very romantic setting. Big parties are great here to. If you haven't been there it is a must! Great Sunday brunch.

  • 16
    15.78 mi

    Restaurante Casa Plascencia

    15.78 mi from Baja Studios

    We had tapas, micheladas, wine, duck, chicken, fried intestines, and so much more that I don't remember.. but it was SOOOOOO GOOOOD!! I highly recommend this place!

  • 17
    15.57 mi


    15.57 mi from Baja Studios
    2 reviews

    It’s hard to miss the many D’Volada coffee shops around Tijuana. D’Volada’s franchises sport green-and-white exteriors and woodsy interiors that remind me of a certain global coffee business north of the border. But the interesting thing about D’Volada is that its founders saw an unmet need - not so many coffee places in Mexican cities – and got a head ...

  • 18
    6.32 mi

    La Cazuela Del Mole

    6.32 mi from Baja Studios
    1 review

    We had beer and chile quiles con mole for breakfast... we had such a great time and this was our first stop minus all the little shops on the way. First restaurant is what I should say. They have both English and Spanish menus. They're specialty obviously is mole so I just had to try it.. definitely worth it!

  • 19
    16.01 mi

    TGI Fridays

    16.01 mi from Baja Studios
    2 reviews
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