Balboa Fun Zone

600 East Bay Avenue, Newport Beach, CA 92661-1316
28 reviews

This place is a bit secluded I would have to say. It's located on a part of Newport beach that is a bit of a hassle to get to because it is pretty much on its own island. They do have nice views though, and the water is pretty clean and blue. However, I thought there would be a lot ...

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  • 61
    1.94 mi

    Bohemia Clothes and Coffee

    1.94 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    What I liked most about this boutique is that the owner knows beach fashion...the style, the colors were all bright and fun...including two purses I wanted badly, one in yellow and one in orange. I'm having a bit of a hat fetish lately and they had quite a few I was digging, but unfortunately could not pull off. You might ...

  • 62
    2.07 mi

    Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

    2.07 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    Amazing service! Great amenities! Samantha was an awesome barista!

  • 63
    1.61 mi

    Newport Beach Public Library

    1.61 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    The Library? "A place set apart to contain books, periodicals, and other material for reading, viewing, listening, study, or reference, in a room set of rooms, or building where books may be read or borrowed" according to Who goes to the library? Haven't you heard of the Internet? I just thought I would define what a library was just ...

  • 64
    4.52 mi

    Bar Method

    4.52 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    New workout method (mainly for ladies). Very popular! Google it - Bar Method. 5 minute walk from the home.

  • 65
    4.59 mi


    4.59 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review
  • 66
    1.95 mi

    Factory Records

    1.95 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    A hidden gem in Costa Mesa that has a WIDE variety of vinyl. Plus they also sell cassette tapes, CDs and 8-tracks.

  • 67
    3.23 mi

    CrossFit Onslaught

    3.23 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    It's been a year since I've joined as a member, and I'm so glad I did! I feel and look better than I ever did my whole life! I took a small hiatus from crossfit to attend night classes and even tried out the afternoon classes at another crossfit place, but I couldn't shake the feeling this place gives me: ...

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  • 68
    2.83 mi

    The Boulevard

    2.83 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    2 reviews

    I walked in with some girlfriends on Saturday (weekend before Halloween) dressed in costumes. The place was packed but we found seats at the bar. The bartender recommended the Endless summer drink which consisted of cantaloupe and watermelon vodka in a martini glass. There were some other liquids in it too but I didn't pay much attention to that. They ...

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  • 69
    1.7 mi

    Beach Ball

    1.7 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    When I was growing up in Newport, I spent every day at the beach in the summer. I would invariably ride past the Newport Pier, and it's trusty line of bars and storefront establishments. When I was in Junior Guards it was donuts at Seaside, and when I was lifeguarding I upgraded to coffee and Ham & Cheese croissants. When ...

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  • 70
    1.47 mi

    Lido Isle

    1.47 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    Gorgeous houses!

  • 71
    4.35 mi

    Crystal Cove Promenade

    4.35 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    My parents live in Newport Coast and what I love to do while I'm there is go to the Crystal Cove shopping area. There are amazing boutiques, restaurants and it over looks the ocean. Going for a walk on the beach and afterward grabbing a drink and some lunch/dinner at The Beachcomber is the best thing ever!!!

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  • 72
    2.81 mi

    Orange Coast Winery

    2.81 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    My cousin had a Groupon that was expiring soon so we made a trip to Orange Coast Winery over the weekend. The winery or wine bar is located in an industrial area of Newport Beach off of Superior and 16th. We were greeted by the hostess in the front and sent to the back where Amanda helped us with our ...

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  • 73
    1.66 mi

    Island Cinema 7

    1.66 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    Island Cinema has been upgraded with cushy leather seats that can be reserved. They also serve alcohol here and they have seat-side service too if you don't want to wait in line. The higher prices reflect the level of service you receive. Going to the movies doesn't mean you have to sit in a sticky, smelly theater anymore. You can ...

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  • 74
    2.74 mi

    Grant Boys, The

    2.74 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    Who doesnt want to go to the most redneck place in Costa Mesa? Well if you are going there, then you are looking for camping gear, guns or ammo... that is about all that they have. So if those things are not your cup of tea, I have no clue what you are doing there. But seriously this place is ...

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  • 75
    1.95 mi

    No Rest For Bridget

    1.95 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review
  • 76
    1.97 mi

    Holly Sharp Signature Boutique

    1.97 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    Holly Sharp is the lady behind SoCal beach couture line Lucy Love. Upon entering have you credit card ready to go because you will most likely want to buy every dress in the store (well at least I wanted to). If you're traveling and want to fit in with the beach bum lifestyle but with a touch of class of ...

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  • 77
    2.83 mi

    Ability hair design

    2.83 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    I used to go here for haircuts with Chitomo. He is the best! Japanese hair salon, and when I came out my hair looked great like those Japanese actors. The hard thing was getting myself to style it like he did. They wash your hair many times and the service is impeccable. They serve you drinks while you wait as ...

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  • 78
    2.0 mi

    Swellegant Vintage Clothing & accessories

    2.0 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review
  • 79
    3.62 mi

    San Diego Creek Bicycle Path

    3.62 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    I rode half of this trail as it merges with the mountains to the sea trail. Definitely one of the nicer trails that I have been on in the Irvine Newport Beach area. As I rode along this trail, I realized I had run a good chunk of it back when I was in HS. But this trail blazes a ...

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  • 80
    3.32 mi

    Tony's Place

    3.32 mi from Balboa Fun Zone
    1 review

    It's a dive bar in Costa Mesa. If there weren't such a thing, this place would blow your socks off with the cheap drinks, questionable patronage, and bartenders. Check it out since they usually just get regulars in their doors. The dirty floors, the pool table, the weird neon lights, just scream dive. Awesome people watching.

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