Ballona Creek Bridge

6198 Ballona Creek Bike Path, Marina del Rey, CA, United States
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  • 1
    0.4 mi

    The Shack

    0.4 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge

    Perfect for a quick bite to eat before or after hitting up the beach. The turkey burgers and grilled chicken are very juicy and flavorful. If you're craving burgers and in the Playa Del Rey area, I definitely recommend giving The Shack a try.

  • 2
    0.43 mi

    The Tripel

    0.43 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    4 reviews

    Tripel seemed to be a very happening place with the place filled up with people. Granted it was small with a total of 3 tables and the bar. Your bound to sit closely to a stranger. So if your a socially awkward kid, this is def not the place for you. Trendy spot with the word "Lubrication" in all caps ...

  • 3
    0.41 mi

    Cantalini's Salerno Beach Restaurant

    0.41 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    2 reviews

    Southern Italian, old school - family style dining. Our local pizza and pasta place. 1 block walk.

  • 4
    0.68 mi

    Shanghai Red's - Marina Del Rey

    0.68 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge

    The restaurant gets two stars but the view and location make it a three overall. We had our wedding reception here about a year ago. The event itself was excellent, with a great view and hard working staff members. Our issue lies with the senior staff at Shanghai Reds. We began to plan our event with one person, signed a ...

  • 5
    0.42 mi

    Cafe Milan

    0.42 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    1 review

    Breakfast Burrito's a must- Blueberry Pancakes to die for - Omelet's, sandwich's and more! I call ahead and place my order then walk a block to eat it or bring it home. Early morning coffee klatsch w/ the neighborhood newsy know-it-alls ;-)

  • 6
    0.88 mi

    Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa | Marina Del Rey

    0.88 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    1 review

    Probably one of the best sushi spots I've been to in a long while. Will definitely be going back. Pick one of the options from the fix menu and pair with some sake for an amazing meal.

  • 7
    0.43 mi

    Tanner's Coffee Co.

    0.43 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge

    It's a beautiful day in this quiet beach side neighbor. Tanner's a great place to chill on a day like this. The ambiance is eclectic but way laid back. You can find the locals, student, surfers and hipsters hanging out or working on their laptop while a local band is playing away in the corner. The baristas can be varies, ...

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  • 8
    0.45 mi

    Caffe Pinguini

    0.45 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    1 review

    Northern Italian, outdoor dining, the waiters are right out of Central Casting.

  • 9
    0.43 mi

    Outlaw's Bar & Grill

    0.43 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    1 review

    Great steaks, BBQ and Burger's 1 block walk- red checkered table clothes, take the kids.

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  • 10
    0.7 mi

    Shanghi Reds

    0.7 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    1 review


  • 11
    2.66 mi

    Cafe Gratitude Venice

    2.66 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    8 reviews

    Vegan and organic. Delicious and healthy!

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  • 12
    1.88 mi


    1.88 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    24 reviews

    For four portions of salads, it cost 10/11ish dollars. Its a bit pricey, but the salads are all created with such fresh and unique ingredients- snap peas and sesame seeds, maple pistachio brussels sprouts (which I personally enjoyed), and there's also kale, chinese long beans, butternut squash, watermelon radish, and ahhh so many choices. I would've loved to get like ...

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  • 13
    3.04 mi

    Sunny Blue

    3.04 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    8 reviews

    Omusubi (aka - japanese rice balls) are sooo delicious and healthy! The service is great and it's the perfect quick bite on the go!

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  • 14
    2.27 mi

    Joe's Restaurant

    2.27 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    8 reviews

    Fresh and inspiring. That was my very first impression of Joe's Restaurant. Saturday brunch I had there was certainly delightful. Both the quality of food and service was excellent. Bread was delicious and so was the jam. You really can't go wrong with some mimosa with freshly squeezed orange juice. I found their homemade granola quite nice even though I ...

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  • 15
    4.19 mi

    true food kitchen

    4.19 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge

    I was actually really surprised with my experience here! I've been to the True Food Kitchen at Fashion Island, and I thought it was just okay.. I wasn't too impressed. The prices are comparable to a fancier date restaurant, but with better quality and healthier food. Expecting a mediocre experience, I decided to try out the True Food Kitchen in ...

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  • 16
    3.64 mi

    Dogtown Coffee (DTC)

    3.64 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    2 reviews

    If you're on your way to the beach and need some coffee, come here! They have some delicious coffee and food (with vegan and gluten-free options), plus the folks here are super nice. It definitely fits into the beach/surfer scene of Santa Monica. I got a latte and The Munchies Burrito (organic eggs, tater tots, aged white cheddar, avocado, house-made ...

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  • 17
    2.68 mi

    California Chicken Cafe

    2.68 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    2 reviews

    rotisserie chicken. chicken pasta, potatoes, and chinese chicken salad. Excellent choices! healthy and delicious.

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  • 18
    1.33 mi


    1.33 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    5 reviews

    I love how I can customize my burger the way I like it! And the food is delicious and healthy!

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  • 19
    1.41 mi

    Mendocino Farms

    1.41 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    12 reviews

    +1 for free samples +1 for enthusiastic, accommodating employees +1 for portions +1 for taste +1 for variety _______________________ = 5 stars for Mendocino! I really enjoyed Mendocino! Every side, sandwich, and salad is created with a unique assortment of ingredients that surprisingly sync together in a delectable harmony that just cannot be replicated. There's too many options, so my ...

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  • 20
    2.67 mi

    The Rose Cafe & Market

    2.67 mi from Ballona Creek Bridge
    8 reviews

    **SOLID WEEKEND BRUNCH IN VENICE** Gorgeous weather permitted us to eat outside in the back patio. ORDERED: *MIMOSA ($7) - Cheap bubbly. Didn't taste fresh. Didn't care for the OJ either. *SPECIAL KITCHEN EGGS ($12) - WINNER. Poached eggs served on toast with smoked salmon and special fresh sauce. OMG, to die for. *SIDE YOGURT ($2.50) - Add honey from ...

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