Mar 10, 2011

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    • Taco X-Press2529 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX, United States
      Ian Ingram recommended Taco X-Press
      badass tacos fast hot n' good. loud, giddy ambiance with S. Austin flare.
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      Ian Ingram

      for fast good tex-mex in the madness that is SXSW, here is an essential move: call in an order of tacos (512) 444-0261, I get three and am stuffed, Migas, Veggie, and black bean potato and cheese, (if you eat meat the Pastor is the most popular). They are ready in 10 min and you walk right past the line out the door and stand next to the register and tell they you are picking up for "X" and they will take your money and send you off with tacos. whew, you're gonna make it. enjoy.

    • Casa De Luz1701 Toomey Rd, Austin, TX 78704
      Ian Ingram recommended Casa De Luz
      Great vegetarian macrobiotic organic goodness.
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      Ian Ingram

      if you need to balance the beer and debauchery, this place is the restart button for biological health. If your brain capacity is spent choosing where to go and what shows to see, you will enjoy the fact that you eat what they give you, no need to make choices here. ahhhh nourishment.

    • Uchi Restaurant801 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX
      Sharon K. Yapp recommended Uchi Restaurant
      I suppose it's unusual to choose sushi for dinner when you're coming from California to Texas. But I have no regrets! Uchi serves great sushi. The standout dish to me was the scallops. Best scallops ... read more
      I've ever had! Besides that, the sushi was very fresh and worthy of being in the fine sushi category of restaurants in my book. The only thing that was slightly weird to me is the serving of Miso soup in the beginning. I normally expect that with a bento box order :D Anyway, one of the cool appetizers to order is the Hot Rock which is, well, a hot rock upon which you sear your wagyu beef. whoa! Ultimately, I wouldn't place Uchi over awesome BBQ if you limited dining time in Austin, but I would recommend Uchi if you're craving sushi for a change.
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      Sharon K. Yapp

      I's a little weird to eat sushi in Texas. But if you're really craving it, this is a great place!

    • Whole Foods Market - Lamar525 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX
      Jessica Abramson recommended Whole Foods Market - Lamar
      This is the largest Whole Foods in the country. Additionally, it is the largest grocery store I've ever seen, and it takes about an hour to weave through the entire building. It is AMAZING! My (now ... read more
      ex-)boyfriend and I are totally obsessed and spent hours in here. They have food counters throughout the store, including a raw vegan food bar, gelato, pizza, sandwiches, handcrafted chocolates, Texas BBQ, and a ton of other things. When I say "food counter," I mean it's a place with barstools and a place to eat. This location is the original, and it has everything you could ever want/need... including the regular hot food bars, salad bars, DESSERT bars, vegan bars... aughhhh! Head = spinning!
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      Jessica Abramson

      Great place to grab something to go.

    • Amy's Ice Creams10000 Research Boulevard #140, Austin, TX, United States
      Jessica Abramson recommended Amy's Ice Creams
      Extremely cute little ice cream place! Amy's is a chain in Austin and it's good local ice cream. I went for a simple "white chocolate" ice cream with hot fudge, and I was impressed with the texture. ... read more
      My (now ex-)boyfriend had the "pumpkin pie" ice cream blended into a milkshake, and it was REALLY good and it REALLY tasted like pumpkin pie. Their products are a bit high, though; the milkshake and a small ice cream with hot fudge was over $10. Worth it for the experience of trying their local ice cream! They also have a vintage photo-booth, but my boyfriend was stubborn and wouldn't take photos with me! Boo! Bring $3 for the booth if you have a willing friend.
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    • Habanero Mexican Cafe501 West Oltorf Street, Austin, TX, United States
      Jessica Abramson recommended Habanero Mexican Cafe
      I ordered veggie tacos with flour tortillas, rice, beans, and guacamole. The veggies included were mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions, and it was extremely salty! I added some of their salsa (which ... read more
      is goooooood), guacamole, rice, beans, AND lettuce to my tacos, and that cut down on the sharp saltiness, and then my tacos were pretty tasty.My boyfriend got carnitas tacos and a lengua taco, both of which looked decent (I'm a vegetarian, so I have no idea what I'm talking about), and he seemed to like it enough to eat himself into a coma.One thing I noticed? The glasses are HUGE! I couldn't even wrap my hands around them!
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    • Frank407 Colorado Street, Austin, TX
      Jessica Abramson recommended Frank
      Solid place for hot dogs of all sorts, including several veggie options. Their waffle fries are A+ and the prices are good. I had the Portobello Mushroom Cheesesteak and it was excellent. They love ... read more
      their bacon, so it's in nearly everything! If you're vegetarian, make sure to ask about the bacon!
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    • Home Slice Pizza1415 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704
      Jessica Abramson recommended Home Slice Pizza
      I didn't eat the pizza, but I ordered a house salad and the garlic knots, which were delicious. It's weird that I liked the salad so much, because it was very simple, but I always end up loving salads ... read more
      served in pizza places. Also, my (now ex-)boyfriend loved his meatball and eggplant pizza. Edit 1/6/2011: I went to Home Slice again in December and ordered a calzone. Fantastic! My rating has changed from four stars to a solid five.
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      Jessica Abramson

      Be prepared to wait! Fortunately, the surrounding area is a really cute place to walk around.

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