Baths of Diocletian

Viale Enrico de Nicola, 79, Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
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  • 41
    0.53 mi

    Osteria dell'Arco

    0.53 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review

    This is the best meal we had in Rome. Probably one of the best ones we ever had and not only because of the food. The entire atmosphere in this restaurant has one purpose - to make it an evening you won't forget. The service is more than impeccable. The food is surprising, playful, tasty and very original. The wine ...

  • 42
    0.38 mi

    Ristorante Terme di Diocleziano

    0.38 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review
  • 43
    0.3 mi

    La Pentolaccia 38 S.R.L.

    0.3 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review

    I searched around for the English menu or the English sign board outside advertising the specials. None. Good. Walk in, and all I could hear was Italian being spoken. Good. Look around, zero tourists except for the two that were with me. Great. The big pork leg next to us waiting to be carved and calling my name. Superb. Good ...

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  • 44
    0.85 mi

    papyrus café

    0.85 mi from Baths of Diocletian

    Absolute gem of a coffee shop. It's steps from the Fontana de Trevi, but not a tourist inside. Like being in a airy, cozy library. No photos allowed though!

  • 45
    0.83 mi

    Taverna Sant'Anna

    0.83 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review

    The restaurant came highly recommended by the hotel staff and I'm very glad I listened. The calamari (pictured) was excellent, but it was the supplì that was to die for - deep-fried balls of risotto, egg and mozzarella heaven! Supplì is native to Rome and the surrounding Lazio region, I came to learn. Didn't try the wine, I know, criminal ...

  • 46
    0.72 mi


    0.72 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review

    FISH stands for Fine International Sea Food. The menu is a great mix of austrialina and Oriental kitchen. the restaurant is very nice and appealing.

  • 47
    0.67 mi

    Gargani S.R.L.

    0.67 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review
  • 48
    0.87 mi

    Gelateria La Dolce Vita

    0.87 mi from Baths of Diocletian

    This gelateria was a shock. It is right by the Roman Forum on Via Cavour, so I expected it to be overpriced, touristy and lacking in quality - but it is entirely the opposite. This is my favorite gelateria in Rome when I'm looking to spend the average price for a cup of gelato, and I will often go through ...

  • 49
    0.92 mi


    0.92 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review

    Best meal i've had in Rome. Try their lamb chops and potatos. AMAZING!

  • 50
    0.62 mi

    Rinaldi al Quirinale Restaurant

    0.62 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review

    Exceptional Italian seafood restaurant. I was taken here by a Roman friend. Very local and upscale. The food and service were both excellent and very friendly.

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  • 51
    0.92 mi

    Hostaria da Vincenzo

    0.92 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review

    Authentically Roman neighborhood restaurant virtually unknown to tourists and many Romans who don’t live nearby. It’s one of the few restaurants in Rome which still adhere's to the tradition of "gnocchi Thursdays". Also excellent is the Saltimboca (sauteed veal dish), and panna cotta for dessert. I walked by this place several times when I lived in Rome, but didn't realize ...

  • 52
    0.92 mi

    MENTELOCALE restaurant

    0.92 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review
  • 53
    0.5 mi

    Ristorante Tema

    0.5 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review

    Obviously there is great food all over Rome, but this place is a must go. The service and food is top notch. Vicenzo (operator) is a wonderful man who will make your trip worth coming too. We went 2 times in one week we enjoyed it so much. Things to try, Gnocchi, Carbonara and the lasagna. They usually will give ...

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  • 54
    0.32 mi

    Pinsere Roma

    0.32 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review

    I don't even know how to describe how much I loved the pizza (or "pinsa") from this place! They make personal oblong shaped pizzas that range from 3-4 Euros made fresh and served straight out of the oven with a crispy but light crust and loaded with tons of delicious toppings. The place is bustling with Italians on their lunch ...

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  • 55
    0.98 mi

    Luzzi Dario E Luzzi Luciano Sdf

    0.98 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review

    This restaurant, located a few steps from the apartment, as it is the best value for money, it is what I recommend to those who want to taste the typical Roman cuisine and pay a fair price ... or less than you think!!

  • 56
    0.98 mi

    Li Rioni a Santiquattro Snc

    0.98 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review

    Located just up the street from the Colosseum, Li Rioni is the go-to pizzeria for locals in the Monti and Celio neighborhoods (in fact, its name references the fact that it straddles these two quarters, or "rioni"). The pizzaiolo here serves up Roman pies just as they should be—straight from the wood-burning oven, with a thin, slightly-charred crust and fresh ...

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  • 57
    0.65 mi

    Roscioli Pietro

    0.65 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review

    excellent bakery closeby the apartment!

  • 58
    0.61 mi

    Trattoria Pizzeria "Il Tettarello"

    0.61 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review

    Very good! Excellent pizza in the Monti area

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  • 59
    0.92 mi


    0.92 mi from Baths of Diocletian
    1 review
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  • 60
    0.32 mi

    Gelateria La Romana - Roma Via Venti Settembre

    0.32 mi from Baths of Diocletian

    This gelateria was right by our hotel and we ended up going there every night! The gelatos are delicious and made with organic milk and natural ingredients. There was always a line-up at this location but they have many other branches to be found around Italy. My favorites were the ricotta and caramelized figs, white tiramisu and yogurt with nuts ...

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