Beijing Friendship Hotel

No.1 Zhongguancun South Main Street, Haidian District, Beijing 100873, China
3 reviews

Want a real Chinese dinner in a nice place that won't break the bank? Go to the restaurant at the Beijing Friendship Hotel. Their food is great - spicy if you want it - the vegetable dishes are 'give me more' in nature, the meat dishes are prepared to perfection. The true China served by an attentive wait staff. It ...

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  • 1
    3.77 mi

    Summer Palace

    Y He Yuan Lu, Beijing, 11 1000 China
    3.77 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    141 reviews

    It was a hot day when I was there, so strolling around the grounds and the lake, just like the locals, was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. The structures and gardens are gorgeous but the best part was the colorful and almost festive atmosphere.

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  • 2
    4.95 mi

    Bird Nest National Stadium

    2号 Houhai Xiyan, Xicheng, Beijing, China
    4.95 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    41 reviews

    We made a photo stop at the "Bird Nest" and the "Water Cube", the main stadiums of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The exteriors of the architectures were absolutely stunning, modern marvels built in a country already full of ancient wonders of human achievement!

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  • 3
    2.46 mi

    Peking University

    5号 Yiheyuan Road, Beijing, United States
    2.46 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    30 reviews

    Peking University is one of the best colleges in China. The campus is very beautiful, with Weiming Lake in this picture.

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  • 4
    3.81 mi

    Rear Lakes District

    Di'anmenwai Dajie, Beijing, 11 1000 China
    3.81 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    18 reviews

    bar area. come by when it is sunny and the sky clear. otherwise come at night. a lot of bars offer brilliant show.

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  • 5
    1.23 mi

    Beijing Zoo

    131 Xi Zhi Men Wai Avenue, Beijing, 11 1000 China
    1.23 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    26 reviews

    The day I visited, it was extremely crowded because of a holiday weekend. However, that gave an opportunity to see the Chinese families with their children experiencing the zoo. It was fun to see. So many friendly people.

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  • 6
    4.47 mi

    Bei Hai Park

    1 Wenjin Street, Beijing, 11 1000 China
    4.47 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    13 reviews

    Within walking distance of the Forbidden City and a peaceful alternative to that dense brick of humanity. Be sure to get down in the caves where you will find free cigarettes that have been apparently left as offerings.

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  • 7
    4.79 mi


    South Luogu Alley, Dongcheng, Beijing, China
    4.79 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    16 reviews

    One of the most popular Hutongs in Beijing now, beautiful shopping place. Not recommanded to go on weekends, full of young students, sometimes you could hardly walk. There are some really nice boutiques selling pretty scarfs and garment, not cheap.

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  • 8
    4.4 mi

    Bell Tower

    Di'anmen Dajie, Beijing, 11 1000 China
    4.4 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    10 reviews

    Very interesting attraction in the middle of the city - before going check the timing of the bell concert as to come back later you need to pay again entrance ticket. This is a well maintained bell tower that protected the city over hundreds of years. Great view of surrounding area, albeit impacted by horrific air pollution from factories. Chinese ...

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  • 9
    3.72 mi

    Wudaokou Costume Market

    Northeast corner of Xueyuan Lu and Beisihuan Lu, Haidian District.
    3.72 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    6 reviews

    So many knockoffs! So many terrible Chinglish t-shirts! Absolutely not a destination by any means, but if you're in Beijing for a while and are in the area, you could do worse.

  • 10
    2.73 mi


    28号 Chengfu Road, Haidian, Beijing, China, 100083
    2.73 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    4 reviews

    I am impartial to the Ucenter just because that was the first place where i found the Astroboy Store.. now they have a Uniqlo there as well!

  • 11
    4.95 mi

    Jing Shan Park

    Jingshan Park, China
    4.95 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    4 reviews

    After exiting the Forbidden City, cross the street and enter Jing Shan Park. A climb to the top of the hill offers a great overview of the Forbidden City.

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  • 12
    3.03 mi

    The Bridge Cafe

    Rm 8, Bldg 12, Huaqing Jiayuan, Chengfu Lu (west of Wudaokou subway station), Haidian District
    3.03 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    4 reviews

    Such fond memories of this place! It's got a lovely homey atmosphere, and the feeling that you can stay as long as you like. Personal favourites are the brownie, and the American Breakfast. Great place to hang out or study alone.

  • 13
    2.49 mi

    d22 酒吧

    242号 Chengfu Road, Haidian, Beijing, China
    2.49 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    4 reviews

    Narrow, dark, dirty and loud. A perfect spot f you don't care about the headache the next day and just want some power punk to blast your ears off or play fussball at the rythm of a metal band. Good spot to play music if you have an emerging band in the Jing.

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  • 14
    2.44 mi

    Tsinghua university

    公用电话, Beijing, China
    2.44 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    3 reviews

    One of China's top two universities, and the more global, international and progressive of the two. Wonderful campus with very modern facilities. Takes about half an hour to walk across and perhaps an hour to walk around.

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  • 15
    4.36 mi

    National Aquatic Center (国家游泳中心 水立方)

    4.36 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    3 reviews

    Not just where Michael Phelps got 7 gold medals. Now it's a full on water park inside.

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  • 16
    2.45 mi

    Beijing Normal University

    Beijing, United States
    2.45 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    3 reviews

    I've only been here since I have family that lives here. It's very student-y, but I would say Beijing University has a more beautiful campus.

  • 17
    1.73 mi

    Zoo Market

    Around Beijing Zoo
    1.73 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    2 reviews

    This area houses many wholesalers for Beijing. They open super early (like 8am) and close really early (4pm). There are alot of deals worth discovering.. however the only downside to shopping here is the lack of being able to try clothes on. Otherwise, this is a fantastic place to shop for the latest asian fashion on the cheap.

  • 18
    3.75 mi

    Capital Museum

    16号 Fuxingmen Outer St, Xicheng, Beijing, China
    3.75 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    3 reviews

    There is a restaurant in B1. Buffet: 40 RMB There is also a 12 minutes free movie about Beijing which shows the evolution of it from the Peking Man Era. Pretty informative!

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  • 19
    3.08 mi

    Beijing Language and Culture University

    15号 学院路, 海淀区, 北京, China
    3.08 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    2 reviews

    I really like the university, coz I met friends from different countries, and we played football every afternoon. Strongly recommend to Cadedo cafe near number 14 building.

  • 20
    2.76 mi

    Central TV Tower

    11号 W. 3rd Ring Road Middle, Beijing, China
    2.76 mi from Beijing Friendship Hotel
    2 reviews
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