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Vincent De Smedt is looking for advice on Beirut :

I'm planning a trip to Beirut, and would like advice on things to do, see, experience related to design. Can anybody help?

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Baxter Jackson recommended La Plage
La Plage is a little slice of Lebanese heaven. Situated right on Beirut's corniche, this swimming club affords stunning views of the Mediterranean but the most gorgeous views are poolside. Surrounded ... read more
by bronzed beautiful bodies in bikinis, grooving to the hip beats of the resident DJ and sipping on the cocktail of your choice, you won't be able to believe you're in the Middle East.
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Baxter Jackson

If you're looking for the latest designs in Lebanese pool attire this is the place, Vincent. Sky Bar is great fun too but the place in Beirut is the neighborhood known as Monot. If you aren't making designs on someone there after a few minutes, or vice versa, you must not be breathing. Enjoy!

Zora O'Neill recommended Solidere
SolidereBeirut, Lebanon
Solidere is Beirut's rebuilt center city--totally glitzy and faux-souq-like. That sounds like a terrible recommendation, but I really found it fascinating from an urban-history standpoint, to know ... read more
what was here once (an archeological site is preserved in part of the area) and see how it has been reimagined.
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Zora O'Neill

This more of a big-picture design thing, really. And it's not like you have to make a special trip--you'll wind up here at some point. But read up on the project (it was Rafic Hariri's big scheme), the history of the area, etc. It's really interesting.

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