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So far I found Water Taxi from San Pedro to Chetumal...

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Bus from Chetumal to Playa del Carmen...

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Liza Prado recommended Chetumal
Th capital of the state of Quintana Roo, Chetumal is a typical border town--not really a place you want to spend tons of time (or any time) but it'll work if you need a decent hotel, good eats, a ... read more
couple attractions, and/or a place to stock up on souvenirs at the flea market.
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Liza Prado

Travelling from Chetumal to Playa de Carmen is a cinch. Try to get to Chetumal as early as possible so that you can keep heading north. There are 2 bus stations in Chetumal--one that services 2nd class buses (in downtown), and one that services 1st class buses (just north of downtown). It's easy enough to flag a cab from the boat terminal to either.

Consider checking out for bus schedules so that you can time it; most times there's no need to buy bus tickets in advance but you can, if you want to, on that website. If you can swing the extra pesos, opt for the First Class bus; they're much faster, cleaner, have A/C, and you'll even get snacks, drinks, and movies along the way.

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I don't know the bus line. But, there is a bus service from Chetumal to Playa. I'm curious about the San Pedro to Chetumal ferry. I think that I will enter Belize that way next time.

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