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    Checkpoint Charlie

    86 reviews

    There is an outdoor museum that also gives a lot of good information about the wall, but if you want to see and experience what Berlin was like while the wall was up, this is the place. The museum also details the quite creative ways people tried, sometimes successfully, and often with quite unfortunate results, to cross into West Berlin. ...

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  • 2

    The Berlin Wall

    84 reviews

    It feels a bit odd 'rating' the Berlin Wall with 5 stars (which means "I loved it!"), but lets put that aside and see it for what it is now - a piece of history. There isn't a whole lot of the wall left, just small sections throughout the city. Some are 'official' - like the stretch along Bernauer Straße ...

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  • 3

    Brandenburg Gate

    133 reviews

    Hard not to be impressed by the Brandenburg Gate, both at night and in broad daylight. It is sort of the cultural and spiritual epicentre of the city. Enjoy.

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  • 4

    Jewish Museum Berlin

    25 reviews

    So impressive and touching. I could spend hours in there

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  • 5

    Mauerpark Berlin

    17 reviews

    Great spot! I especially recommend the Sunday market - a lot of old, antic, second hand, handmade, artistic stuff. And good food. I love the atmosphere

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  • 6

    Berliner Dom

    59 reviews

    Only the beggars in the park were really annoying. They asked for money to buy food. We gave them a sandwich instead, but they refused that and looked very arrogant. Sometimes they even became angry.. So don't give them any money, cause the're not gonna buy food from it.. It would be a waste.

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  • 7


    39 reviews

    This is amazing. Simply one of the world's best museums, especially if you are into antiquities. Rivals the British Museum in size and scope of the collections. Magnificent.

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  • 8

    The Story of Berlin

    4 reviews

    A fascinating, educational look at the history and - yes, story - of Berlin. The museum is modernized, with interactive exhibits that somehow make history and politics fairly stimulating. I was particularly intrigued by the hallway-style exhibit that winds around, plastered with informative plaques on the Nazi occupation and World War II stories. That is a time that has always ...

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  • 9

    Soviet War Memorial

    2 reviews

    It was ominous in the snow and ice, standing starkly against a steely sky, but the Soviet War Memorial gave me chills for a different reason: there are only a few memorials commemorating the fallen Soviet soldiers in Europe, and this is one of the most ominous. It's enormous, solemn, and painstakingly crafted - and during the Cold War, it ...

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  • 10


    3 reviews

    Beautiful river beach with a catch! They have a swimming pool IN the river Spree (of course a half meter above water level :-), in which you can take a nice swim, shower afterwards and chill in the sun. Even open during winter time!! Best beach place in town!

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  • 11

    Flohmarkt am Mauerpark

    7 reviews

    Are flea markets your most favourite hang-out spots? Then you should't miss out on this one! Good food, good music, books, clothes, furniture and simply everything your vintage-driven heart has ever wished for.

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  • 12


    5 reviews

    Beautiful centuries old bridge linking Kreuzberg with Freidrichshain; pedestrians and cars cross underneath, U-Bahn trains travel on top. During the cold war it was only in use for Wessies on foot with permits. It re-opened when the Wall came down. For fans of cinema, Lola runs through the bridge during the film 'Lola Rennt' (Run Lola Run).

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  • 13

    Deutsches Historisches Museum

    4 reviews

    Fantastic look back through Germany's history (all the way up to the end of the Cold War), with documentation in both English and German. May be a bit advanced for very small children, but history buffs will enjoy it.

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  • 14


    3 reviews

    Berlin's best gay club for twenty-somethings! With the multiple dance floors and themed club nights, SchwuZ is always fun. Friday nights are best because of the usual crowd and the good music. Come before midnight for a reduced entrance.

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  • 15

    Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus

    4 reviews

    Dussmann is an impressively large bookstore that also carries CDs, DVDs and other music. There is a two-story English-language bookstore built into the back. It's centrally located on one of Berlin's main shopping streets, and the staff are friendly and helpful -- it's hard not to find what you're looking for here!

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  • 16

    S-Bahnhof Warschauer Straße

    3 reviews

    Come here if you enjoy listening to street musicians. This place mostly feels like a festival. Nevertheless, it's a normal train/tube station. Good fun!

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  • 17

    Pariser Platz

    27 reviews

    Not sure this deserves a separate entry but this is the square where you'll find the Brandenburg Gate, the Hotel Adlon, the Academy of Arts, a Starbucks, and some good sausage vendors.

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  • 18

    Altes Museum

    6 reviews

    This museum is focused on Greek, Roman and Etruscan antiquities. They have a very nice collection and very informative displays with it (also in English). I have spend 2 hours here, which is enough to see most of it. The Egyptian art (Nefertiti buste) is no longer in this museum!

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  • 19

    Neue Nationalgalerie

    4 reviews

    Great place to catch up on your Primativism and whatever modern art exhibitions they have here. Good stuff, but not as impressive as the Hamburger Bahnhof. Their permanent collections seems a little sparse as they only have two rooms.

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  • 20


    3 reviews

    All museums in one place with easy access, perfect for museum lovers. Pergamon is a must see. Great large scale place.

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