Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑

185-118 Bupyeong-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, South Korea
2 reviews

Bihanee is a quite good Indian/Nepalese restaurant right next to Bupyeong station (come out of the station by the McDonalds and turn right. You'll see the parking garage on your right. The restaurant is on your left.). I recommend getting the thali set as it is the best value.

Things to do near Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑

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  • 1
    0.59 mi

    Bupyeong Market

    0.59 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    2 reviews

    The underground market is vast and a good place to go shopping - it's right outside of Bupyeong Station. There's also an aboveground market near Bupyeong Market Station which is kind of chaotic but a good place to buy produce.

  • 2
    3.13 mi

    Seoul Arts Center

    3.13 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    2 reviews

    Seoul Arts Center is the most attracitve arts ceneter in Korea. This place is especially good in summer. Because anybody can enjoy music fountain with classic music. Lots of families enjoy it! I love this place so much.

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  • 3
    4.18 mi

    대한민국 경기도 부천시 소사구 소사본3동

    4.18 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    1 review

    capture the moment

  • 4
    2.59 mi

    도도한 고양이 (Dodohan Cat Cafe)

    2.59 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    1 review

    Dodohan Cat Cafe is a cafe full of cats. Entrance (gets you one drink) is 8000 Won. There's no time limit, so you can stay and play with cute cats as long as you want.

  • 5
    1.74 mi

    아인스월드 (Aiins World)

    1.74 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    1 review

    Aiins World is a park full of miniature replicas of world monuments. When I heard about it, I didn't expect the models to be as big as they were. It's pretty cool to walk around and take cheesy photos. Go with friends for a ridiculous and fun time.

  • 6
    2.59 mi


    2.59 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    1 review

    Wolmido is a boardwalk area next to Chinatown in Incheon. There are a couple of amusement parks with rides. There are lots of raw fish restaurants. It's good to walk around at sunset.

  • 7
    2.59 mi


    2.59 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    1 review

    Incheon's Chinatown, located right next to Incheon station, is Korea's only Chinatown. It's mostly made up of restaurants. There's a street with murals depicting all of Chinese history. It's worth a visit, even if it is a bit small.

  • 8
    3.13 mi

    Arts Center

    3.13 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    1 review

    Arts Center is a pretty nice area of Incheon. There is lots of shopping and plenty of restaurants. It's a popular spot for nightlife as well.

  • 9
    15.03 mi

    Seoul N Tower

    15.03 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    102 reviews

    Restaurant N.Grill - Serving high class French cuisine. Watching the jewel like view & enjoy the night ambient here.

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  • 10
    15.09 mi

    Myeong-dong Street

    15.09 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    90 reviews

    Myeongdong is one of the best shopping spot in Seoul. What I love the most about this place is you can find all kinds of things from street snack stalls to branded items at the same place. So you get branded shops on either side of the street, and you get cheap merchs right in the middle of the street ...

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  • 11
    15.39 mi


    15.39 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    58 reviews

    Insadong is becoming more touristy than ever, but still a great place to feel the traditions of Seoul. The street is right next to the main royal Palace (Gyeongbok gung). One of the best places to shop souvenirs and have traditional Korean food. Try going into the small alleyway rather than the big ones on the main street.

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  • 12
    15.13 mi

    Gyeongbokgung Palace

    15.13 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    60 reviews

    A huge palace and grounds to tour around. In front of the gates they have soldiers and guards lined up. If you ask nicely, they are friendly and will take a picture with you. Inside, you can walk around the palace grounds, peeking into the rooms and courtyards. There is a professional photographer that have traditional gowns where you can ...

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  • 13
    11.77 mi


    11.77 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    37 reviews

    What a cool young person's district that has a college town, artsy feel. Come here for the coffee houses, inexpensive trinkets/clothing shopping and to people watch, of course.

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  • 14
    15.09 mi

    Itaewon Street

    15.09 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    38 reviews

    My personal favorite neighborhood in South Korea. Itaewon is loaded with foreigners from Brazil, South Africa, America, England, etc. There is tons of shopping here and tons of friendly faces especially in the bars, lounges, and clubs at night. Shop by day and Party by night. Tabom is probably the best authentic brazilian restaurant in South Korea and its pretty ...

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  • 15
    14.54 mi


    14.54 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    33 reviews

    dk đến đây và mặc thử hanbok ^^ tuy nhiên do thân hình k phù hợp nên trông rất chi là ba chấm :)))

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  • 16
    16.14 mi


    16.14 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    28 reviews

    An example of how a little bit of architectural imagination and a $900m of state funding can result in some spectacular urban renewal. This is now the city’s ‘green lung’, with a flowing stream and greenery running its full five-mile length through the heart of downtown. From the late 1960s this was a concrete wasteland, topped in the next decade ...

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  • 17
    14.85 mi

    Seoul City Hall

    14.85 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    28 reviews

    This is a great place to enjoy the Korean culture.

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  • 18
    14.89 mi

    Gwanghwamun Square

    14.89 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    21 reviews

    A landmark and symbol of Seoul's history.

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  • 19
    14.84 mi

    National Museum of Korea

    14.84 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    19 reviews

    Haven't been there but how much do a ticket cost, I doing a project in school where I pretend to go to a place that I want to go and I have $3,000 to use on my trip anybody help?

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  • 20
    14.92 mi

    Namsan Cable Car

    14.92 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    19 reviews

    Do it once (take it up to the tower or take it down). Its not too exciting anf there are cheaper public buses that can get you up and down the mountain.

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