Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑

185-118 Bupyeong-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, South Korea
2 reviews

Bihanee is a quite good Indian/Nepalese restaurant right next to Bupyeong station (come out of the station by the McDonalds and turn right. You'll see the parking garage on your right. The restaurant is on your left.). I recommend getting the thali set as it is the best value.

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  • 1
    0.11 mi

    하늘본닭 (Haneul Bon Dalk)

    0.11 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    1 review

    Haneul Bon Dalk is another dalkgalbi (spicy grilled chicken) chain in Incheon. They have curry dalkgalbi which is quite delicious. I loved the macaroni salad side dish and the cheese fried rice at the end is particularly cheesy. Definitely worth a visit!

  • 2
    4.63 mi

    요거프레소 인하대점 (Yoger Presso Inha University)

    4.63 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑

    Yoger Presso has really good smoothies and AMAZING frozen yogurt. It really tastes like they took Greek yogurt and made it into a dessert.

  • 3
    4.67 mi


    4.67 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    1 review

    This is a chain place that sells donkas, or fried pork cutlet. It's the best donkas I've had in Korea. The pork has black pepper on it and the crust is delectable. They give you sesame seeds to crush and mix with soy sauce for dipping. Delicious!

  • 4
    3.42 mi

    Taco Cielo

    3.42 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    1 review

    Taco Cielo is great! It was the first Mexican/Tex-Mex place in Incheon. The owners are very friendly. The food is delicious. They are no longer open for lunch (open from 6 PM).

  • 5
    4.7 mi

    까사올리브 (Casa Olive)

    4.7 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    1 review

    Casa Olive is a pretty good Italian place near Inha University. The pasta is tasty, and the pizza has a very thin crust which is nice.

  • 6
    16.43 mi

    김밥천국 Kimbap Cheonguk

    16.43 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    5 reviews


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  • 7
    15.13 mi

    Myeongdong Gyoja

    15.13 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    5 reviews

    one of the best delicious and famous restaurant in myeong-dong. but it's sorry due to lots of ppl.

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  • 8
    15.1 mi

    Homestead Coffee

    15.1 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    4 reviews

    Homestead is one of my favorite coffee chains. They are becoming easier to find around the city.

  • 9
    14.84 mi

    Cafe De L'ambre

    14.84 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    4 reviews

    This 4-story cafe includes a bakery, sells gelato and serves lunch and dinner. Each floor has a different theme, too. They are awesome all across the board - well prepared drinks, unique baked goods and delicious pastries! Their prices are a bit high, but with good reason.

  • 10
    14.88 mi

    Braai Republic

    14.88 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    3 reviews

    Best place to eat in Seoul!!! You must eat at this South African restaurant. It's lamb chops and garlic mash is to die for!!!

  • 11
    14.94 mi

    Vatos Urban Tacos

    14.94 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    3 reviews

    One of the finest tex-mex places in Seoul. Right at the beginning of itaewon.

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  • 12
    14.98 mi


    14.98 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    3 reviews

    Bulgarian in Korea? you betcha. This is one of the BEST restaurants in the entire peninsula and a wonderful place for a special occasion.

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  • 13
    14.8 mi


    14.8 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    3 reviews

    A famous classic ginseng chicken soup with rice (Sam Gye Tang) Restaurant in Downtown, Tosokchon (土俗村). Located near the Gyeongbokgung Subway station where just opposite Gyeongbokgung.

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  • 14
    16.75 mi

    Everest Nepalese and Tibetan Restaurant

    16.75 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    3 reviews

    Finding a place with multiple vegetarian options in Seoul can take a bit of research. However, Everest is frequented by so many vegetarians (foreigners and Koreans) that you can easily find write-ups of the food online, and its no surprise that the majority are overwhelmingly positive. While the place might not look like much from the outside, Everest's cuisine packs ...

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  • 15
    18.01 mi


    18.01 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    2 reviews

    Korea takes Dunkin Donuts to another level. They have some tasty gourmet donuts made of rice, sweet potato and black sesame. So tasty! They also serve hot breakfast sandwiches here.

  • 16
    15.01 mi

    Isaac Toast

    15.01 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    2 reviews

    best breakfast ever! Get the bulgogi sandwich or the chicken one its the best.

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  • 17
    15.08 mi

    전광수 Coffee House

    15.08 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    2 reviews

    They have lot of different types of coffee beans from around the world. Comes with a cute mug. They have custom made wooden furniture. I like its cozy vibe. Great place to relax!

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  • 18
    16.41 mi


    16.41 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    2 reviews

    Of the many choices for Korean BBQ in the city, this franchise is both informal and inexpensive which makes it a popular feeding station for locals as well as tourists. The log cabin inspired decor is a little bit kitsch but that's half its charm. Menus are posted on the walls (with English translations underneath, for those who need them). ...

  • 19
    15.54 mi

    Two Two Fried Chicken

    15.54 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    2 reviews

    The restaurant is small and crowded during dinner time. But they served delicious and crispy authentic Korean fried chicken!

  • 20
    9.11 mi


    9.11 mi from Bihanee (비하니)레스토랑
    2 reviews


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