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New Features: Ask to Answer & Place Tooltip

Ask to Answer

Do you ever see friends’ travel questions on Gogobot that you can’t answer yourself, but you know someone who can? This week, we added a new feature that lets you easily post these questions to someone’s Facebook wall.

Simply click the “Ask to Answer” link below any question and select the Facebook friend or friends you’d like to send the question to. You also have the option of posting the question to your own wall if you want to open it up to all your friends.

If you did not already connect your Facebook account, you will be prompted to do so at this point. Before the question is posted to your friend’s wall, you will have a chance to include a personal message.

Place Tooltip

We also added a new tooltip that pops up when you mouse over any place on Gogobot (like hotels, restaurants, and things to do). The tooltip is handy because it lets you quickly see your friends who have been to the place, and gives you the options to add the place to your trip plan, your passport, or your wish list.

Previously, you would have had to click through to the place page, then add to trip plan, add to passport, or add to wish list from there.

Hope you enjoy the new features and let us know if you have any feedback!

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