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Go Green in Hawaii: Free Island Hiking & Camping How-to Workshops

By Sara Benson

Ever dreamed of a Hawaii vacation, but thought it was too expensive? Or maybe you imagined that all the islands have to offer are touristy resorts, crowded beaches and plastic flower lei? Guess again!

Join Gogobot member¬†Sara Benson as she takes her inspiring Hawaii eco-travel slideshow talkon the road to REI stores around the San Francisco Bay Area in June and July. And yes, it’s free!

Hiking and camping may not be what most people fly to Hawaii to do. But truly amazing trails crisscross these islands, from meditative coastal beach walks to heady treks high atop volcanoes. Hidden in cloud forest, many more paths lead to tumbling waterfalls, hidden springs, and groves of bamboo that rustle musically in the trade winds. You can wander across lava flows that feel primeval, examine ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs up close or discover deserted end-of-the-world beaches.

All shows start at 7:00 p.m. Sign up online in advance to guarantee a seat. Hope to see you there! Otherwise, check out Sara’s blog for her hiking guidebook, Top Trails Maui.

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  1. Paul

    Amazing pics! Blowing wind with green carpet. Hiking to such places praises the camp.

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