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Bay Area Gogobot Sushi Making Party!

Gogobot at Sushi Confidential

Last Tuesday, Bay Area Gogobotters attended a private sushi-making class at Campbell’s hip new sushi restaurant, Sushi Confidential. During the hour long class, Sushi Randy and Savage Sarah shared the secrets of their trade with us. By the end of the night, our group of amateurs turned into master sushi chefs (well, sort of).

The Gogobotters were on a roll and made two full platters of delicious sushi that everyone devoured after the class. They also enjoyed a sake tasting that included a refreshing pineapple sake drink. The best part of the night was when Sushi Randy presented everyone with a framed certificate!

The awesome photographer Danny Acevedo documented the evening and put together this cool video:

Gogobot at Sushi Confidential

For more photos of the fun hands-on class, check them out here!


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