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Gogobot NYC’s Rockstar of The Month: Monica Suma


We are pleased to introduce you to our first Gogobot NYC Rockstar of the Month: Monica Suma!

Originally from Bucharest, Romania, Monica is passionate about covering travel and lifestyle, as well as New York, in her blog Whimsical Tales of Travel & Lifestyle.Monica rocks because she fearlessly travels the world on solo adventures in order to find the best hidden gems the world has to offer.

She’s also an inspiration to Gogobot’s travel community through her keen sense on where to go and what to do in NYC and abroad.

Monica’s appreciation for whimsicality and charm show a sophisticated level of taste, wise beyond her years.


We sat down with Monica to find out what inspires her to travel and why she rocks at being a Gogobot:

Gogobot NYC: Why do you travel?
Monica: In my vocabulary, travel equals happiness and an enriching way of life. I love the thrill of going to new places for the first time and being surprised by what I may encounter. I never want to stop filling my luggage with new experiences and meeting people from all around the world. I’m also a Gemini that hates routine, so that’s also a big part of it!

Gogobot NYC: How did you hear about Gogobot, what inspires you to use it on a regular basis?
Monica: I first heard of Gogobot at Meet, Plan, Go! this past fall, held at Hostelling International and I have been using it ever since. I love the functionality of the platform and its interactivity. I generally love to share pictures of my favorite places in the world, and so posting postcards and reviews came very natural to me. I also love the rewarding system Gogobot has put into place. You get fun badges and perks when you least expect it and you get the chance to meet other avid travelers like yourself. As a writer and blogger, I love the custom guide option and the possibility of becoming a travel expert/guru on certain locations. I look forward using the “looking for advice” section a lot more in the future.


Gogobot NYC: Favorite place you have visited recently?
Monica: Turkey was certainly one of my recent travel highlights. It was one of the first places I visited as a child and one I wanted to go back to as an adult. I have always wanted to explore Istanbul – an unique cradle of civilizations – laid on both Europe and Asia, while also being part of the Middle East. I loved the richness of the culture, best experienced not through the visual sense, but through listening, smelling, touching and tasting. It was fascinating to observe how conservative Istanbul falls into silence during the call to prayer and how a few minutes later, cosmopolitan Istanbul awakens to the usual hustle and bustle. It’s a unique dual universe that works like any other city I have seen before.
See Monica’s latest article on Gogobot: Crossing from Europe to Asia: Istanbul’s Must-See Destinations

Gogobot NYC: Any tips on traveling solo?

Monica: I find traveling solo the greatest experience ever; you learn so much about yourself, you build confidence on striking out on your own and you develop a completely different perspective on the world. It’s so liberating. If you do the necessary research on the destination you are traveling to, and take all safety precautions, there shouldn’t be a barrier on taking any trip. So many people think traveling solo is lonely. I think quite the opposite; it’s great to not depend on anyone and create your own journey. I am a firm believer that if you respect the local culture, no one will bother you. It also helps to reach out to locals for advice, and why not, even to make new friends. You would be surprised at how many people are willing to help. That being said, I don’t recommend traveling solo in war-torn areas or exposing yourself – especially as a woman – in risky areas.

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Gogobot NYC: What do you love about NYC?
Monica: My favorite thing about NYC is its variety. There is so much to do and see, you can never get bored. I love exploring the various neighborhoods and always discovering a hidden gem I had never seen. I also love being able to taste whatever world cuisine fancies my appetite on any given day. My favorite neighborhood is West Village, for its architectural charm, cobblestone streets and quaint cafes; it reminds me of home, in a sense. I also love going to Battery Park and its waterfront overlooking Statue of Liberty; there is such a sense of freedom there. Now that summer is here, I look forward to picnics in the park (there are so many good ones in the city) and rooftop parties overlooking the Manhattan skyline. I recently discovered the Loopy Doopy Bar and love it for its intimate feel, amazing cocktails and lack of crowds.

Gogobot NYC: What are your hopes for the future?

Monica: For the future, I want to immerse myself into travel, in every possible way. I want to wander more through the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America and share my experiences with my fellow travelers. Apart from my passion for travel writing and photography, I am an addict when it comes to social media. I enjoy promoting my favorite destinations and brands on the various social channels, and act as a brand ambassador. My biggest aspiration is to ultimately host a travel show, desire that developed from my various past hosting/broadcasting gigs, social personality and spontaneous nature.


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