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Gallery Exploring East LA by Metro!



Toot toot! All aboard the Gogotrain!

On Sunday, May 26, over a dozen of our top Gogoboters, daring and hungry, got together with the East LA CM, Yulree, to explore the diverse neighborhoods of East LA by Metro!

They started their sunny Gogotrain expedition at the Dog Haus Biergarten in beautiful Pasadena. After filling their bellies with sliders, chili cheese tots and fries, they hopped on the Gogotrain to a bustling Chinatown to experience some tasty dim sum and the colorful, ethnic stores.


Postcards by Susan Lee & Dee Margaux

The adventurous Gogoboters then walked to one of LA’s architectural beauties, Union Station, where along the way they discovered a lone but highly intriguing art gallery as well as an outdoor Spanish dance party!

Their next stop was Little Tokyo, where they partook in Japanese street food called imagawayaki (freshly made red bean pastry) and okonomoyaki (octopus balls). They also stopped by one of Yulree’s personal favorite Little Tokyo spots, Cafe Dulce, to try their famous green tea donuts and delicious coffee.

Postcards by Kat Von D & Alex W.

Postcards by Kat Von D & Alex W.

The last stop on the Gogotrain was Mariachi Plaza, the hangout spot for many of LA’s mariachi bands. Much to the Gogoboters’ surprise, there was a farmer’s market right outside the station full of food vendors. Of course they had to try the hand-made churros.

Finally, they made it to Guisados, which easily became a Gogobot favorite! Despite the lack of air conditioners and crowded seating, everyone LOVED their tacos and horchata!


Everyone repping “gb”!
Postcard by Yulree C.

Stuffed to the gills, Gogoboters had a fun and memorable time riding the Gogotrain, sharing stories about their travels, taking notes on each others’ favorite LA food spots, and learning random facts about East LA!

For more on Los Angeles, check out the Gogobot East LA Facebook page and Twitter!

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  1. East LA – I was there in 1997 but what i like most is Mariachi Plaza. Always want to be there.

  2. I love the chicken and waffles place in LA

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