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Meet Our December 2013 SF Rock Star of the Month: Erick Redcloud!

Erick Redcloud - December Gogobot Rock Star of the Month This month, Gogobot SF features Erick Redcloud, a Gogobot Pro of two years and a talented travel photographer. Hailing from Rohnert Park, Erick is an expert with all things Napa and Sonoma. But, like all good Gogobot Pros, he’s been around the world, gaining expertise in cities from Bogota to New Delhi. Check out his reviews in his Gogobot Passport, or visit his personal site, Pathless Travels.

(1) What attracted you to Gogobot and what keeps you writing?

I was looking for a website to get advice on traveling to the Philippines. I happened to come across a search for Gogobot and found it interesting. I signed up and got advice from some users, and I fell in love instantly. It was a great way to get travel advice from my friends and to meet some new travelers. I then started writing reviews of places I’d been to. I love giving advice to help others, especially for unexplored areas. That is what keeps me writing on Gogobot.

(2) As an experienced travel photographer, where are the five best spots in the Bay Area to capture amazing photos?

Some of the best places I have captured are San Rafael’s China Camp at sunrise, the Mission District of San Francisco, Highway 12 through Napa to capture the vineyards as the sun sets, Muir Woods after rainfall, and the Sausalito piers as the sun rises.

(3) What is your favorite city in the world?

My favorite city in the world would have to be Vancouver. Why? Because it is just like my other favorite city in the world, San Francisco. It’s gorgeous, full of culture and very clean.

(4) Where can we find you next?

I will be heading off to Colombia to a city rarely visited by foreigners, a city named Pereira. It is the heart of the coffee farming region of Colombia. After that, I head to Bogota for a few months to be with friends.

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